Merah Putih


There is nothing in Bali that compares to the Merah Putih dining experience. Leaving aside the exquisite food, there is a sophistication and environmental consciousness in the design that is nothing short of spectacular.




Merah Putih is an Indonesian restaurant and bar located in the area of Petitenget, Bali. Designed by architecture firm Inspiral Architects, this restaurant is simply out of this world. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where it could exist. Meraph Putih is fearless and their gamble for design, architecture, and food has resulted in a unique combination that cannot be imitated.



To enter the restaurant, you need to go up some imposing stairs. Once you are greeted in the very cool reception, you either go right to the stylish bar or left to the restaurant. Merah Putih has an element of surprise, and it starts by walking a long and narrow corridor that leads you to its spectacular dining area.


The enormous room with actual huge Palm trees and a ceiling 10 meters in height, gives an aura of the grandiose and creates a wow factor that is hard to achieve. The triple-height white ceiling also morphs into large columns spread across the restaurant. But don’t be deceived, those columns are not only part of the interior architecture, but are also a water filtration system. The roof collects rainwater which is funneled through the columns and stored underground to be filtered, conserved and used in the restaurant. Simply wow!



The dining room decoration has been kept to a minimum for a good reason. The green chairs match the palm trees and tables, while the floor is dark wood. Space is imposing. There is also an upstairs booth section to sit larger groups. The kitchen is found behind it. This brings me to the food. Generally, I try to stay away from describing food as this is an interior design blog and I’m not a foodie. But, saying that, the food in Merah Putih must be mentioned. It is by far the best Indonesian food I have ever tried. In my opinion, it’s worth of multiple Michelin stars. You really can not miss dinner here.



Merah Putih has its own wine cellar inside the restaurant, with a great and varied selection of wines. The bar is a very seductive space, with a carved wood wall, large velvet sofas and pentagon mirror tables, perfect for having a cocktail before you indulge all of your senses in the extraordinary experience that is Merah Putih.







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