Bali Interiors is an Interior Design website dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary interior design and architecture found on the Island of the Gods.  We reveal the tremendous design variety and individual personality of many of the hotels, cafés,

stores, villas, and spas in Bali. We adore beautiful spaces that offer a unique point of view. We have a passion for artistry, for design and we are proud to show only original content. Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!


While Bali is a popular destination that attracts holiday-makers from all over the world, it also boasts a huge international expat community. Its rich culture, stunning scenery and ever-present spirituality have provided artistic inspiration for countless creatives.  Bali is a place where visions are realized. A cultural melting pot and top travel destination,

it’s no surprise that Bali has outstanding restaurants, hotels and villas. Bali Interiors documents and curates the great variety of interior design that can be found on the island. In addition, we show you the creative minds that now call Bali home and contribute to the magnificent aesthetics found here.