Ulekan is the newest joint from the team that brought us the deservedly well-loved Milk & Madu and Watercress restaurants. After great success with their previous endeavours, they have decided it’s time to create something a little more grown up. And instead of sticking with western food, they’ve gone local. I am so grateful they ventured outside their comfort zone.


Ulekan is almost two restaurants in one. At middays they serve Nasi Campur. Nasi Campur is Bali style buffet. There is a selection of dishes ready to be served and you choose what you would like to have. While at night they offer a la carte menu. Highlights are Satay Chicken, Beef Randang, any of the salads and make space for the Bonafi pie, you may need to get seconds!


Ulekan is a custom built Joglo-style building with windows on most of the walls creating a gorgeous light filled space with plenty of breeze. For the flooring they’ve used dark indigo and white tiles to create a beautiful pattern throughout the whole interior. At the centre of the restaurant are 6 large tubular shaped rattan lights. At the bar, they have have added luscious round pendant bamboo lights and next to one of the windows are some smaller lights that add ambience.


There are different sitting areas inside and outside. The tall and long marble table that is fitted inside the structural columns is absolutely stunning. It’s modern and classic, and gives the restaurant refinement and presence, but also a bit of country style living. The wooden topped tables are really unique. Lacquered in black, white and natural colours in a triangular pattern, when all put together they become a large arrow. The rest of the tables have a round wooden tabletop with an interesting black metal base and a marble round tabletop with the same legging. The chairs are a mix of rattan, bamboo, and black metal. Combined, it all works in perfect unison. The outside area consists of a large rectangular wooden table on one side while the other side of the veranda has some smaller round top tables.


The décor is perfectly on point, with blue and white ceramic vases and lamps, divine orchids and some mirrors and wall hangers. There is also a wall of baskets, wooden bowls, stone mortars and marble mortars, all of which add to the country living atmosphere. The cushions on the wall bench seats go together perfectly with the colours of the restaurant. And I can’t finish without mentioning the beautiful crockery they have chosen: ceramic hand made light grey bowls with a dark brim. Exquisite.



Ulekan is perfect for a night out with friends to try as many dishes as possible or for a romantic date. Ulekan food is delicious, the restaurant has a beautiful relaxed atmosphere and the large open space with plenty of windows and light makes the space feel very Balinese.





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