"Working with Sheila and her team at Bali Interiors was an absolute dream! She is professional, friendly and has an incredible eye for design. Sheila and her team understood the vision we had for our artisan and interior photoshoots and elevated it to the next level. We can’t wait to collaborate with her again!"
Saffron & Poe
"Sheila / Bali Interiors is such a thoughtful photographer. She allows room for flexibility as well as giving the client opinions on what she believes works best which always DOES. She is patient and is very passionate when it comes to her work. She does an amazing job and has an eye for perfection. I hope we get to shoot with her again!"
- Craft District
"Sheila has been incredible to work with. Not only as a creative, and having an amazing eye for styling and photography (a rare combination) but also the enthusiasm she brought to her work made the whole project a great experience. The process, from booking to executing the shoot, was seamless and went exactly or better than we could have expected."
Alissa O’Hare
– Villa Massilia
"Working with Bali Interiors recently on a collaboration proved to be a wonderful experience for us. The team had no trouble grasping and interpreting my creative vision and managed to perfectly sum up the essence of the brand in every shot. If you’re looking for a homewares photographer with endless enthusiasm and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place."
Cisco Gorrow
– Cisco & the Sun
"The best interiors and design photographers/stylists we have worked with. Professional from the start, thorough and detailed with all aspects of the multiple shoots we have done with them. Sheila has an eye for detail, and a magic that captures “moments” across our sites like no other team we have worked with. The social media/blog component of the business has been a great publicity tool for us, not only was their content amazing and commentary great, it got us exposure, access and visibility with the right audience – design forward social media."
Ben Jones
– Mandala Group
"We commissioned Bali Interiors to assist in our photo shoot campaign for the launch of our of our business Yak and Yeti Trader and our new collection. Shelia went above and beyond capturing the true essence of our brand and the pieces in our collection. The quality of Shelia’s photography, styling and attention to detail was outstanding. Working with Shelia was a absolute pleasure. We found the business very professional with an amazing after service and invaluable marketing presence for our business. We would highly recommend this outstanding business."
– Yak & Yeti Trader
"When launching a store and a concept, you really need photographs to capture the essence of that project to get your message across. You need someone with experience and an understanding of interiors, as well as a good eye, to show the details and understand the processes behind the concept and Sheila really gets that..I was really happy with the vast images and also the detailed close ups of both very different stores. I have used the images in many ways and I’m never tired of them. The whole experience was easy and it gave me a buzz that someone loved what I had done so much and appreciated it and captured it so well. Being featured on her instagram and blog introduced us to some likeminded creative and visual people, which has been a great marketing and social tool."
Lisa Chedanne Cove Isand Essentials The Attic X LILYA
"We can’t recommend Sheila from Bali Interiors enough!!! Before our shoot we had a big vision in mind of everything we wanted to pertray of our brand. Sheila did this and more, receiving the images we were blown away, she saw our vision and made it REAL!!! Sheila has an amazing eye for detail and absolute care for what she creates, watching her work during the shoot was a special experience in itself. Sheila made everything so easy from the beginning to the end, was extremely accomodating and her passion is infectious! We not only walked away from our shoot with great imagery, we gained a great friend who has inspired us on so many levels. We look forward to many more shoots, creating amazing content and love following Bali Interiors inspiring journey, any brand which gets the opportunity to work with Sheila is very fortunate"
Harvest Design Living
"We chose to work with Bali Interiors after years of drooling over her amazing photos on her Instagram account & website. She has such a natural talent for capturing the beauty of the subject she shoots. When it was time for us to find a photographer to shoot our product there was no question that we were to choose Sheila and her team. Our shoot day went effortlessly. After meeting with Sheila she completely understood the looks we wanted to achieve and with her own creative input it turned out absolutely stunning. From the shoot I had months and month of content for my social media, a huge choice of images to use for my catalogue and website. I was honestly hard to choose which images to use as I loved them all. Her creativity, patience and pure love of what she does really shows through in her work. Thank you Sheila and Bali Interiors team!"
Skye Della Santa
– Slab Interiors
"We wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to take such detailed shots of a venue with so many complex artistic corners. We are always incredibly excited to receive images back from Sheila because they make our content so beautiful."
Motel Mexicola
"Bali Interiors has an amazing eye for photography and styling. She shot and styled our new ceramic/home line and created a perfect look for our brand. Creating something new but also being completely on brand. I highly recommend her for her skills but also for how easy she is to work with. She is such a delight to work with, so kind and passionate for what she does."
31 Bits
"Working with Sheila is such a smooth process, she has an incredible ability to capture interiors in an authentic and realistic light. She has such an eye for styling which means that we are able to fully trust her vision and step back entirely to capture exactly what we need. The variety of images and content that come from each shoot is so vast that it allows our feeds to stay fresh and constantly have new perspectives peeping through."
The Ungasan
"Dealing with Sheila from Bali Interiors was a joy from the beginning. She is the best interiors photographer – totally professional and focused on bringing out the soul of your villa through her photographs. She delivered alarge quantity of high quality photographs making it simple for us to keep our website and social media accounts fresh and current. An added bonus was all the publicity we received from being featured on the Bali Interiors website!"
The Starling Villa
"We came across Sheila’s beautiful photography online and decided that she would be the perfect fit for capturing our new homewares range – and she was! We found Sheila very efficient and professional, with a great eye for detail and for styling product too. We flew in from Perth and were very happy with the entire shoot, and the final photos. Sheila will be the first person we call next time we’re in Bali for a photoshoot."
"As an interior designer, I love to work with Sheila. With her keen eye, she really captures the soul of the place. More than just a client/photographer relationship, Sheila adds to the process of creating and brings my ideas to life with her creative input and expertise. Her posts on social media make it possible to showcase my work to a large group of followers, which is an enormous plus. Wouldn’t work with anyone else."
Valerie Dhaeze
- Valerie Dhaeze Design
"Always worthit working together with Bali Interiors. They have shoot few villas that we have design, always very nice angles and catches the essence. Very proffesional team, always with a beautiful smile, working on schedule and delivering over expectations. Amazing social media very helpful for promoting our work."
Biombo Architecture and Interiors
"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheila and really enjoyed collaborating with Bali Interiors. Sheila has an incredible knack for capturing a mood and evoking the true sense of a space through her imagery. It’s little wonder her work for us has been published by media brands like Elle Decor and Conde Nast."
The Slow
"I have nothing but highest praise when it comes to Sheila taking images at our beach club. When she takes images there she without a doubt captures tonnes of amazing images that will carry us through for a long time whether its for web or social media. Sheila is an expert in making every scene look busy, fun, and like paradise!"
Sundays Beach Club
"From our first shoot with Sheila of Bali Interiors, we were significantly impressed with her talent and style. With a real eye for detail and impeccable quality. Very professional and a delight to work with, her photography allows us to display our cafes in the most beautiful way. We’re proud to share the images that bring so much justice to our aesthetic. She continues to inspire us with her work through the years and we’re so grateful to work with such a unique soul."
Good Food Brotherhood
"I contacted Bali Interiors when I needed a creative brain to help me shoot my art studio located in my Bali home. Since it was one of my first photo shoots, I needed someone I felt comfortable with and Sheila seemed that person too me. I ended up with a great selection of photos and since she loved my interior so much, she came back to also shoot my house, resulting in an exclusive Bali Interior article about me, my house and my art! Bali Interiors is a very committed and passioned company, they take the extra mile to make it perfect for their client."
Irene Hoff
"It’s not often that you work with a photographer who has the ability to capture a look & feel so beautifully, literally giving life to your products. Sheila translates the brief and gets the bigger picture for your brand fast. Not only creating magic behind the lens, Sheila is very hands on and will provide styling direction on the day, ensuring the right mood is captured. The social media component of Bali Interiors was such a win for Kasbah Imports. It gave us great exposure for our rebrand and tapped into the ‘right audience’. Design focused social media. We couldn’t thank her enough and would definitely be working together in the future."
Kasbah Imports
"Sheila shot really wonderful pictures of our properties! She has a great sense of style, and helps styling the space to create the perfect picture. One of her shots even made the cover of a big interior magazine, that was so amazing. Would highly recommend her services."
– VYG Villas
"When we first decided to shoot our furniture line in Bali, I had no idea where to start. All that changed when we met Sheila and the Bali Interiors team. After multiple shoots and creative collaborations, we couldn’t recommend her highly enough. When it comes to Bali and all things beautiful there, there isn’t a better partner to be working with."
"Thank you for caring about our brand as much as we do! We love collaborating with you on shoots. You have always been generous, supportive and encouraging. Its a pleasure to work with you always. The process of a photoshoot is a journey and you definitely make it a fun and beautiful place to go… Thank you! We’ll be back for another journey soon!"
The Jungle Trader Team
"Sheila is our go-to supplier for professional, creative and timely photographs. We were pretty specific in our requirements for each of our shoots (editorial vs journalistic styles) and the photos of our villas arrived even better than we could have hoped. The shots were imiaginative and beautiful and also done within the required time-line. We look forward to completing our next project and will have Sheila back very quickly."
Drew Burrell
– Two Canggu Villas
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sheila in 3 different projects. Everytime, what I really love about working with her and Bali Interiors is the fun, the imagery, the professionalism that is brought into each project. The outpor of photos and quality is outstanding and they really help us as a business to market to our customers. Its always so much fun working with Sheila, she always makes this projects really enjoyable and the finish products are always beyond my expectations."
Janine Hall
– Escape Haven Retreats
"Working with Bali Interiors has been lovely from the beginning. Sheila was very quick to reply to my request to shoot my villa and communicated professionally from the start. I approached Bali Interiors to shoot my rental home because I needed someone to capture each detail and atmosphere in a way that is pure and authentic. During the shoot Sheila took her time to actually feel the space and understood the passion and creativity put into it. Her exceptional eye for styling made each shot of a space have its own charm and character. The mixture and quality of footage delivered makes is very easy for me to maintain a fresh social media and website feed. What differentiates Bali Interior from other interior photographers in Bali would definitely be Sheila’s passion to capture the heart of each home."
Caro Buteneers
– Uma Karo

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