The Pererenan Villa Yucca 3 is here!

I’m so happy to be back shooting Yucca Villas! They always leave me inspired and with a smile on my face. I took photos of the two first Pererenan villas a year or so ago and was blown away by how beautiful they are. So I was super excited when Homeboys asked me to go and shoot the newly opened Yucca 3 Pererenan villa.

Yucca Villa 3 Entrance
Bedroom Yucca villa 3

But before I tell you about it, it’s story time…. Eight years ago, just before I lived in Bali, I went on holiday to Mexico.  We stayed in a little town near Tulum. Tulum was not what it is today. Only 8 short years ago, it was still a small, sleepy, coastal town. 

But for whatever reason, we stayed nearby in a different town called Chemuyil. It was about 20 minutes away from Tulum. And this town was so cute, it almost didn’t seem real. At night, the town’s streets came alive with locals sitting outside chatting to each other. The doors of the houses were completely open. The children were running around on the street, music was playing. It almost felt like a TV set. 

This was real life for this Mexican town. It was innocent and festive and incredibly friendly. I remember walking into someone’s house (I can’t remember why, they must have invited us). And they had an altar with candles, flowers and photographs of dead relatives just as soon as you entered the house. It was truly Mexican and not a gimmick for tourists. In fact the town wasn’t touristy at all. Pretty much all residents from this town worked in a factory nearby and all the housing and streets paving and maintenance was sponsored by this company. The town was spotless. But it was colourful, cheerful and full of happiness.

Yuca Villa Bedroom 1
Yucca Villa 3 Kitchen Pererenan
Yucca Villa 3 bathroom Pererenan
Yucca Villa 3 Kitchen Pererenan

Walking into Yucca 3 brought me back to this little town. This Yucca Bali villa is not like the previous two. This one is a little different. It has a new Mexican twist to it.

Some things are similar to the other two bali villas. Just like the previous ones, it has that big wooden arch door that makes it so distinct. It also has that white cement bridge that goes over the pool. 

This one also has an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor living room next to the pool.  The kitchen has a celadon green terrazzo kitchen bench and a cement polished backsplash of the same colour. The colour palette is minimal and continues to the bedrooms and other parts of the house. The use of rattan, teak wood and polished concrete mirrors the minimal, but rustic vibe that a lot of newly built villas in Canggu have. Inside you find two ensuite aircon bedrooms that bring much needed respite from the hot sun. They are both very cute with a little outdoor cactus garden to the side of them. The celadon green colour is painted as a stripe at the back of the bed creating a simple but effective visual that is calming and comforting, as well as creating a back for the bedding. It’s decorated with some cotton pillows and throws and two rope lamps.

Yucca Villa Outdoor area
Bedroom of Yucca Villa 3

The bathroom continues the texture and colour palette and they have used a small square tile in the same celadon tone half way through the wall, which continues the “stripe” that we see as a backsplash in the bedrooms and kitchen. The brushed gold fixtures blend in perfectly so they don’t stand out but instead complement the bathroom style.

Outside there is a large sunbaking area with two sunbeds that overlook the large swimming pool.  An outdoor staircase takes you to a terrace with a dinner table and a large concrete bench. This upstairs outdoor space is a beautiful addition to this villa. Canggu evenings can be magical so I can easily imagine having a gorgeous al fresco dinner while looking at the starry night.

But like the other two previous Yucca villas, the swimming pool and the bridge are the real star of the show here. The swimming pool has an open shower at one end and on the side there is an outdoor concrete sofa. On the other end, we find an archway with a bench in it to lay under the shade.

Outdoor living room area at yucca villa 3
Outdoor arch at Yucca Villa 3
Upstairs lounge area
Pool and facilities at Yucca Villa 3
Outdoor dining set up at Yucca Villa 3

Yucca 3 vividly reminds me of that sleepy Mexican town I once visited while on holidays. I know this gorgeous villa will create countless memories of this little seaside town called Pererenan for everyone that is lucky enough to stay here.

Yucca Villa 3 living area
Yucca Villa 3
Yucca Villa 3
outdoor dining at yucca villa 3


Designed by Homeboys

Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Words by Sheila Man

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