Inspiring Women in Bali’s Design Community on International Women’s Day 2024

Welcome to the most electrifying celebration of the year – International Women’s Day 2024! 

As we celebrate this important day, it’s time to ignite the flames of change, passion, and sisterhood like never before. Every year on Women’s Day, I ponder how truly amazing women are, how much the odds are against us, how much more we have to work, how much harder we have to hustle, and how much more we have to balance our daily lives just to be taken seriously and have a chance in every industry. We’ve been overlooked, stepped on, humiliated, discarded, bullied, and told we are too sensitive, too difficult, too outspoken, just because we are women. Every move we make is watched and judged.

That’s why when a woman is successful in any industry, I applaud her because I know how hard it is and how many sacrifices she needed to make to get there. Being a woman in business is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a huge amount of courage, determination, hard work, imagination, humility, sensitivity, and grace. Women bring something to the table that is unique to us. We can see a situation from multiple points of view, and we can enhance anything just by being ourselves. We bring love and compassion, and our creativity is endless!

“Women are powerful beyond compare, and we can do anything we set our minds to.”

Here are some amazing women who are active in the design industry in Bali. Women who I greatly admire. From the sleek lines of modern minimalism to the lavish Mediterranean chic, these leading ladies have left their indelible mark on the landscape of design, shaping our homes, offices, and public spaces with their ingenuity and passion. So, raise a glass to the queens of design, their continued success, innovation, and influence, as we embark on a journey to discover the best and brightest in the world of design and interiors in Bali!

Vany Vanessa
Managing Director of Samma Studio

Vanessa, the visionary architect whose love for travel, culture, and history fuels her passion for design. From operations to finance, she has immersed herself in every corner of the industry, mastering the art of blending aesthetics with functionality. For Vanessa, commercial projects are more than just spaces; they’re canvases for creative expression and strategic brilliance, where colour palettes and architectural forms intertwine to create purposeful environments.

Her mission? To cultivate collaboration and harmony, weaving together humans, nature, and space to inspire well-being. With a dedication to practicality, every design decision she makes solves challenges and delivers functional solutions.

The journey of Samma Studio began with the challenge of earning client trust, but as their reputation grew, so did their focus on building a unified team. Through open communication and a shared commitment to their vision, they continue to create spaces that reflect their core values and resonate with clients worldwide.

To all the young women out there, Vanessa has a message: believe in your dreams, embrace them fiercely, and remember the power you hold within to shape your future. You’ve got this!

Photo by Indra Wira Sasmita
Photo by Indra Wira Sasmita

Wendy Grobbelaar
Creative Director of Lumiere Shades

I have known Wendy for a long time. She has always had a huge passion for interiors, design, and beautiful spaces, but it wasn’t until later in life that she decided to pursue her passion, believing there was a market for linen shades! Creating Lumiere Shades is her proudest moment of her professional career. Living in Bali definitely gave her the freedom to pursue her dreams with access to so many talented artisans right on her doorstep.

She created Lumiere Shades to show that lighting sets the mood in any space and warm, beautiful lights invite people in and make them want to stay. So the goal is to create ambiance and for her customers to not just love their products, but also love how they feel in their homes.

Starting her business wasn’t without its challenges. Wendy had to overcome the fear of putting herself out there and navigate the complexities of understanding her market. Yet, she persisted, knowing that, with dedication and a solid strategy, success was within reach. For any young girl with big visions, Wendy’s advice is clear: Embrace your passions, take small steps every day, and don’t be afraid of imperfection. Your dreams are worth pursuing, and with determination, you’ll carve out your place in the world.

Annie G
Interior Designer of Gauvreau Design

Let’s talk about Annie G, an interior designer whose passion for Indonesian antiques culminated in the timeless masterpiece of Villa Nest. This is the project she is most proud of. It is a collection of treasures from across the archipelago and embodies her love for heritage. We have to agree, since we featured Villa Nest in Season 4 Episode 3 of A Peek In Paradise!

Dubbed a ‘home therapist’, her mission transcends mere aesthetics; it’s about crafting spaces that resonate with profound well-being and harmony. From purifying rituals with sage sticks to harnessing the serenity of crystals, each element is meticulously curated to restore balance and tranquility.

Amidst the beauty lies the struggle—balancing unrealistic demands with diplomacy and patience. Yet, through setting boundaries and nurturing open communication, our designer learned that positivity and passion can conquer any challenge, leaving behind only the echoes of a harmonious creation.

To young dreamers, her message is this: Aim for the stars, embrace every stumble as a lesson, and let your heart guide you through the journey. Remember, greatness is forged one step at a time.

Photo by Bali Interiors
Photo by Bali Interiors

Conchita Blanco
Principal Architect of Blanco Studio

Conchita built “Her” Studio & Tea House, a labor of love that holds a special place in her heart. It was designed with every aspect of its context in mind, aiming to fulfill the needs of its users without being intrusive to the environment. Drawing inspiration from Bali, where it is located, and from Japan, as the owner values Zen design, the structure was crafted by local artisans from Kalpa Taru using age-honoured carpentry techniques. The entire building was constructed with wood provided by a sacred ancient tree found along the Bengawang Solo riverbank in Java, an island close to Bali. The structure, interiors, and environment harmonise, making it a blend of modern needs, Balinese philosophy, and heritage craftsmanship.

In her design process, Conchita is inspired by the world around her—from the natural environment to the unique stories of her clients. For her, a successful design is one that stands the test of time, rooted in its surroundings, and resonating with its users. Achieving this means carefully selecting local materials, collaborating with skilled artisans, and ensuring harmony with nature.

She believes that designing with respect for the material is essential—it’s not just about creating something beautiful but honouring the inherent qualities and character of each element.

Recently becoming a mother, Conchita faces the challenge of juggling work and motherhood. It has instilled in her a deep respect and admiration for the role of a mother, recognising both its challenges and joy.

To young women out there, Conchita advises: Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, but be patient and trust the process! Hard work will always bring rewards.

Photo by Pempki
Photo by Indra Wira Sasmita

Romina Baldomir
Founder & Creative Director of Studio Isla

Romina is the creative genius behind Studio Isla. When asked which project she’s most proud of, her answer is every project they undertake. For Romina, each project is an opportunity for growth and exploration, keeping her on a constant journey of learning and creativity. The key, she says, is to stay curious and always strive to push boundaries.

At Studio Isla, their aim is to create spaces that are not only beautiful, but also timeless. Their design philosophy blends contemporary minimalism with natural organic elements, focusing on quality, detail, and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. Romina describes their design process as peeling back layers to reveal the soul of each space, translating narratives into interiors that resonate with people on a profound level.

Like any entrepreneur, Romina has faced her share of struggles, but she believes that it’s how you handle them that defines your success. She’s on a continuous journey of self-improvement, striving to find balance and become the best version of herself. Romina emphasises the importance of self-contentment in serving others and achieving fulfilment in both business and life.

To young girls with big dreams, Romina’s advice is simple: Keep envisioning the bigger picture because anything is possible.

Photo by Studio Isla
Photo by Studio Isla

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let’s toast to the remarkable achievements of women everywhere. From boardrooms to battlefields, classrooms to courtrooms, women continue to defy expectations and shatter glass ceilings with grace and grit. As we reflect on the progress made and the journey ahead, let’s stand united in our commitment to equality, empowerment, and sisterhood. Here’s to celebrating the fierce, fabulous, and fearless women who inspire us all. Happy International Women’s Day! Keep slaying, keep shining, and keep making the world a better place for generations to come. Cheers to us! 



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