Well Bali Villas in Bingin

From the moment I moved to Bali seven years ago, I have been constantly asked “Where are the best places to visit?”. One place that has captivated me since I first arrived, and still does to this day, is Bingin. Nowadays, as Bali is becoming an investment mecca, choosing the best places is even more important. There’s no doubt that the Bingin area in south Bali offers so much opportunity and we can definitely see a growing interest in the area for both investors and expats/tourists. Fortunately, a couple weeks ago I was invited to shoot a new architectural masterpiece, which sets a new standard for luxury Bali villa living and wellness.

The Bali villa I was shooting was developed by Well Bali. I heard whispers about their  projects and was so excited to work together!! I found out that Well Bali was founded by Nada Fadhila Utami in 2019, and they already have a team of Managing Partners hailing from five-star hospitality brands worldwide, including the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. This wealth of experience has truly been channelled into creating an exceptional living experience for those who seek to embrace the charm of Bingin without compromising on luxury. They are focusing on wellness and creating lifestyle through your villa. How cool is that?

Since its inception, Well Bali has completed five hospitality projects, two under construction currently, and a total of twenty one villas in Bingin Beach. They have been developing in Bingin for over four years, starting in 2020 when the area wasn’t as developed as it is now. Their initial project, the Soho Loft, sold out rapidly, setting the stage for future endeavours. Following its success, Well Bali Bingin also sold out and Well Bali Bingin Suites, currently under construction, with completion set to March 2024, has just one unit left. It is truly remarkable! With that sort of track record, it’s easy to see why their offerings are in high demand. Not only is it a complete turnkey project, but they also provide management services for it.

The architectural design in all of Well Bali projects is a collaboration with world-renowned Architects, Keith Marks and Corie Saxman from HAM Design Group, whose work includes the LA Lakers Practice Facility. This aligns perfectly with the wellness-focused vision of Well Bali’s villas. Keith and Corie’s roles in the Well Bali construction process ensure that every aspect of the villa design is meticulously executed, resulting in stunning, functional, and harmonious spaces. They are also partnering with Kailani Johnson and Betet I Wayan Merta, both arguably Indonesia’s most successful surfers. Kailani provides valuable insights into designing spaces that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and a balanced lifestyle. Meanwhile, Betet has an authentic connection to the local culture and the ocean which resonate with Well Bali’s sustainability and environmentally conscious development direction.

I had the honour to shoot Well Bali Bingin Suites. The villas have two bedrooms and the designers clearly put a lot of thought into the interiors. They have a unique marble table, and one of a kind coffee table. They clearly know their interiors, including a Mario Bellini-inspired sofa and a Pierre Jeanneret-inspired Chandigarh chair! It definitely emphasises the sleek, modern and timeless look. The double high ceiling makes it feel more spacious. Each unit has their own sunroof terrace, cold plunge, sauna, and a plunge pool. It wasn’t so long ago that this standard of design and facilities was unheard of in Bali. How amazing it is to have these options now! 

Well Bali
Well Bali Villa

Beyond the luxurious interiors, the prime location of Well Bali provides easy access to nearby cafes, shops, and pristine beaches. You can immerse yourselves in the vibrant local scene, experiencing the best that Bingin has to offer, all the while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of this wellness-focused community. It’s a harmonious blend of modern living and the natural beauty of Bali, where luxury meets nature in perfect balance. If you’re looking for the perfect Bali villa with a blend of sophistication, community, and breathtaking views, Well Bali is the investment opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

Well Bali


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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors


  1. Bruna January 1, 2024

    Hiii ! What’s the floor material around the pool and inside the pool? 😍 I live in the USA and I am building my own pool in my backyard and I looove this white Bali villas floor style! But I have no idea how is it called and how to do it. Looks like ciment? Would you mind explaining and sharing the material so I can try to find it here? 😍🙏🏼

    1. Wayan February 12, 2024

      Dear Bruna, I spoke with our team who went to the villa and they say the material around the pool is terrazzo. Good luck for your build!


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