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Voyage Mischief

Voyage Mischief

We all dream of being on a luxury boat sailing around the world. Maybe somewhere in the pacific, island hopping, snorkelling and eating delicious food while drinking Malbec. Or maybe that’s just me.

I am fortunate to say It is no longer a dream but an actual not-so-distant memory.



My family and I were incredibly lucky to be invited aboard the luxury Voyage Mischief boat to explore the Flores Archipelago. A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a private luxury boat. One of the most impressive things about Voyage Mischief is the fact that there are only 3 rooms for passengers. And, unlike most of the other boats we saw, all the passenger quarters were above deck, so the views from the cabins were simply incredible. Each of the cabins is incredibly spacious with its own large on-suite bathrooms and even a roomy wardrobe. Our cabin was the master bedroom, with not only a king bed but also a very comfortable sofa to sit and read. The master bedroom is encircled with windows and overlooks one of the decks giving you a permanent jaw-dropping, ever-changing view.



I can imagine that the maintenance of a boat would be never-ending, as the boat was in perfect sparkling condition. The interior has a timeless beauty. The style is Hamptons beach-house, with lots of white and classic pieces. I love all the details that they have added, such as photography books, shells and trinkets to make you feel like you are staying on a sea-side home rather than a boat. The beds are raised so when you lie in bed you have the view of the sea all around you and waking up to such a stunning environment never gets tiring.




















My son suffers from motion sickness, so I was quite concerned how he would react to being on a boat for a few days, but the stability of the boat was magnificent. We never felt the normal movements of the large boat and my son did not feel sick once. He didn’t even notice we were on a boat, except for the breathtaking views that surrounded us throughout our stay.




The beauty of Mischief is that it includes the amazing main boat, a small boat to ferry us to small deserted beaches, as well as a powerful catamaran to allow us to explore the many islands in Flores. The boat has snorkelling gear, diving gear, kayaks and paddleboards all for your exclusive use.

bali interiors- voyage mischief

Highlights of the trip


Voyage Mischief was filled with unforgettable moments and forever memories not only for the adults but also for my kids. These are my highlights:

  • Having a sit-down dinner on our own little island, while watching the sun going down and the crew cooking and making cocktails for us, and even singing us some old favourite tunes.
  • Getting close with the local fishermen getting their catch and observing the process of drying the fish in the sun before collecting it at the end of the day.
  • Waking up and going to sleep with the most beautiful breathtaking views.
  • Sitting on the comfy sofas out on the deck, drinking red wine and having great chats under the starry night sky.
  • Swimming in the clear seas and snorkelling with starfish and hundreds of multi-coloured fish.
bali interiors


Being on Voyage Mischief has been an extraordinary experience. While on the boat I felt like pinching myself, as I could not believe how lucky I was to be aboard such a stunning boat in this magnificent location. A holiday that ticked all the boxes and made me thankful to be alive.

Voyage Mischief

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  • That brings back wonderful memories of our family experience on Mischief.
    We’ll never forget it, it was amazing, the staff and crew were lovely, and so was the food.
    Flores was stunning, we’ll be back.

    • baliinteriors

      You are so lucky to have been aboard such a stunning boat! And yes Flores is so beautiful!


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