Villa Seni

For every amazing ultra modern dream villa there is in Bali, there is a special charm in the understated elegance that a colonial style villa can bring. And this is certainly the case of Villa Seni.

A 2-bedroom open living villa meters from Double Six beach, this is a hidden little treasure that I had to see for myself.

I am not sure if I had admitted this before, but I have a soft spot for colonial style buildings or in fact, any structures that feel like there is a life and history to them. For me, my love of interiors and architecture is not only about beauty and design, but also the stories behind them.

Villa Seni - Bali Interiors

For older houses and buildings, one of the real treasures to me is the feeling of wonder and curiosity that consumes me. I love the details: the designs elements that were chosen, created and meant to last.  Architecture that is not only unmistakably of its time, but has also become timeless. The richness of choosing materials with longevity in mind. I love it all. It makes my heart sing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love modern architecture as well. It is ever-evolving. Creativity and imagination put into matter. But there is something about those old-timey styles that makes me incredibly nostalgic.

Villa Seni- Bali Interiors- colonial architecture
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors- kuta
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors- airbnb

Villa Seni evokes that sense of nostalgia in me. It has that classic colonial architecture that transports you to an impeccably maintained home from the beginning of the 20th century…. with modern facilities! Everything has been built to last. The doors, the windows, the flooring, even the kitchen bench. It’s all so wonderfully built and has that timeless beauty.

Villa Seni- Bali Interiors- kuta
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors-airbnb
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors- kuta
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors-kuta

The villa has a generous open living, dining and kitchen area that faces the pool. At one end of the pool is the charming downstairs bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. At the other end of the pool are the sun beds and the deck. Upstairs has the second bedroom (also en-suite) that has been adorably decorated to fit the style of the villa and features a quaint balcony that overlooks the garden and pool.

Villa Seni- Bali Interiors
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors-airbnb

Villa Seni is ideal for people who appreciate well-made traditional homes, have a cultivated taste and also wouldn’t mind being only blocks away from the beach. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it!

Villa Seni- Bali Interiors
Villa Seni- Bali Interiors


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