Villa Nenek Coco – Home of an Architect and Artist Power Couple

For the last episode of A Peek In Paradise Season 6, we are taking you to a one of a kind home that will make you realise you are witnessing the passion, chaos, artistic expression, love and life of two great artists.  This is the world of renowned architect and artist who joined forces together to create a Bali villa as a home for their family. This is the captivating essence of Villa Nenek Coco in Tumbak Bayuh, Bali. It’s not like other Bali villa, this is where minimalist elegance of architecture marries the vibrant warmth and eclectic art world. Where panoramic rice paddies become a living artwork, and an artist’s touch infuses every corner. Designed by the visionary Filipe from Sukyf Architects and the world-renowned artist Merzuka Dopazo, this Bali villa‘s interior is a captivating fusion of art pieces, antiques, rich textures, and a connection to nature.

When you walk inside Villa Nenek Coco, and prepare to be awestruck. Sukyf’s signature minimalist style takes centre stage, creating a sense of spaciousness and serenity. Think clean lines, modern surfaces, and an open floor plan that seamlessly integrates the interior with the breathtaking vista of rice paddies. Open window frames serve as living paintings, transforming the landscape into a permanent art installation. This minimalist foundation sets the perfect stage for Merzuka Dopazo’s artistic magic.

Merzuka’s artistry infuses the villa with an eclectic, warm and inviting personality. Drawing inspiration from Bali, India, and Africa, she curates a mixture of styles that just work together. Think intricate Balinese carvings adorning doorways, creating a subtle nod to the local heritage. Indian influences peek through in the use of vibrant fabrics as wall hangings or upholstery, adding bursts of color and cultural charm. African elements emerge in the form of sculptural artefacts or woven baskets, lending an earthy and grounded ambiance. 

My favourite part of the house is definitely the awe-inspiring 1148 baskets ceiling in the living room area. I don’t think I have seen anything like this before!!  This focus on natural materials extends throughout the villa. Think polished wooden floors and furniture fashioned from sustainable sources, all harmonising with the organic flow of the space. Not to mention the massive infinity pool that will make you want to take the first dip! 



The philosophy of merging functionality with artistic expression extends to the kitchen and dining area. Gone are the days of sterile kitchens hidden away. Inspired by Filipe’s experience, the villa embraces an open-plan living concept, seamlessly integrating the kitchen and dining space. It is adding that touch of hominess to the space and I can see that this is where the family gather around to enjoy a meal together. 

For Merzuka, the villa serves not just as a beautiful space but also as a platform for artistic expression. A dedicated painting studio allows her to create amidst the serene beauty of the rice paddies. Here, you can witness the magic firsthand, perhaps even getting a glimpse into the artist’s creative process. The adjoining gallery serves as a showcase for Merzuka’s breathtaking private gallery, featuring antique and collector paintings, textiles, and trinkets collected during her travels to India. Surrounding yourself with art can be a truly enriching experience, and this dedicated space allows guests to appreciate not only the villa’s stunning design but also the artistic soul that breathes life into it.a

Villa Nenek Coco has so much personality and uniqueness it can not be replicated. Their artistry infuses every element of the design, the architecture and their art. Villa Nenek Coco is a work of art in itself and we are so lucky we got to witness it.


If you want to see more, check our Youtube video for the full tour! 

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