Trésor – sensual energy

The best places to buy luxury items in Bali are probably not the ones you’ve heard of. This under-the-radar independent boutique is my secret weapon when it comes to buying lingerie & jewellery for loved ones or a treat for myself.

Tresor- Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors

Rose gold accents in the rack create clean space, and highlight the products in a neat and organized fashion.

Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
Tresor Bali Interiors
tresor Canggu Bali Interiors
tresor Canggu Bali Interiors

The stores that make an impact are the ones that awaken your senses and put you in a certain mood. To create an experience for the customers. Ultimately, as a store owner that would be the ultimate goal (aside from selling your products). If you create an experience, not only will the customers come back to the store, but they will also tell their friends and the word would spread. Trésor, with a minimalist approach that uses luscious textures and blush accents, takes you on a very intimate and sensual journey that is hard to forget.

The whole store is super minimalist but at the same time the few pieces of furniture they have chosen speak loudly and make themselves the star of the show. The heavy and super-rich mustard yellow velvet curtain reaches the floor and immediately makes you feel warm and sexy. The huge leaning mirror is brilliant against such simple and delicate racks of super soft silks. The beautiful wooden parquet flooring adds an element of opulence that transports you to a quaint French apartment. The leather bench finishes the understated luxury that this store exudes.

This juxtaposition of fabrics and exaggerated shapes (from the minimal to the maximum) creates a super sophisticated store. Decked out with feminine finishes and a touch of hip – the leather seat, standing mirror, wall covered in blush tones, gold accents – the space is a perfect reflection of the clothes and pieces.

Trésor stock only their products, which are designed and made here in Bali. The store displays their luxury intimates, swimwear and beautiful silk tops, slips and pants with a backdrop of blush tones creating a chic retro minimalist vibe across the store. They also have some super cute box bags which allow you to change the chain of the bag and shoes to complement the outfits.

It also showcases a large range of contemporary jewelry which bridges the gap between costume and fine jewelry. This includes beautiful dainty earrings and necklaces, and even some gorgeous hair clips.

The store’s design was catered towards amplifying the product rather than overshadowing it, which is why Trésor chose such a neutral color palette to work with.

This year, blush — a slightly less dramatic version of pink — proved to be a highly popular color in the fashion community and it’s a wise move to incorporate this into space like Trésor.

It’s a new fresh addition in the heart of Canggu and we couldn’t agree more that Trésor is a space filled with sensual energy that will ignite the inner Parisian goddess we all have inside.

If you love jewelry and intimates, Trésor is well worth the visit.



Jl Pantai Berawa No 47C

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