Tracing The Trends of Rattan Furniture

Remember rattan? You saw it everywhere in the ’70s: rattan chairs, rattan baskets, rattan patio furniture, and other wicker items. Most often, the rattan was confined to porches and the outdoors. It was limited to outside use, never to be seen inside with the good china!

Associated with the bohemian lifestyle of the late 60’s and 70’s, rattan was once a material used by thrifty shoppers and ecologically aware designers. Yet, a booming 70’s revival trend has worked in rattan’s favor, and it has made a monumental comeback into your vintage home decor!

The rise and fall of styles of décor and furniture is nothing new. What’s en vogue peaks and recedes all over again in line with the market trends. But, rattan furniture has been one major exception to the rule. Despite being in the market for many centuries, it is still in high demand and remains as one of the most sought-after furniture materials.

While it was traditionally used in summer homes, screened porches, and verandas, the new rattan can just as easily find a sleek and modern spot in city homes.

I love the little vintage twist it gives a space. It works really well with mid-century modern style furniture and fits that ongoing trend for all things palmy, botanical and boho.

The natural material used and the incredible woven techniques that are used for the varying styles of rattan furniture add texture and richness to a room.

Often, we think that rattan furniture is just suited to a boho and tropical style, but it also creates a relaxed vibe with a touch of modern accents.

Rattan lighting is on trend in so much more than just Mediterranean beach homes, we can see it around the island from beautiful villas and hotels to your favourite brunch place.

Typically resembling an upside-down basket, it’s a more relaxed (yet totally chic) replacement for chandeliers in dining rooms or bedrooms, or in a pair over a kitchen island. But, basically, wherever they land, they’re fantastic!

Rattan furniture is simplistic yet sophisticated: it harmonises with almost any home décor from beach houses to city apartments.  Whether you’re into the whole boho aesthetic or not, rattan will fit flawlessly into your home. Consider us obsessed!


  1. Emily Baldwin June 11, 2019

    Hi there, where could I find a manufacture that does the rattan furniture? or a website that sells second hand pieces?

    1. baliinteriors June 11, 2019

      Hi Emily. We have a homewares E-book with a whole section on rattan. You can download it from our homepage.

  2. Memet December 17, 2019

    Where is the shop in bali

    1. baliinteriors December 19, 2019

      There are rattan shops all throughout Bali!

  3. Maddisen April 23, 2020

    Hi’ where can I find the rattan hanging chair? I love it! But the link I clicked on wouldn’t take me to it. Thanks so much in advance!!

    1. baliinteriors May 10, 2020

      Hi Maddisen, subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll get our free homewares guide! It includes lots of rattan shops that sell hanging chairs.

  4. Magdalena August 3, 2020

    Im looking for kids and dolls furniture in rattan ! How can I find a wholesaler . It is for Uruguay. Thanks

    1. baliinteriors August 13, 2020

      Hi Magdalena. We have a homewares E-book with a whole section on rattan! You can download it from our homepage.

  5. Emily S July 29, 2021

    hi, where can we find these outdoor hexagon tiles?

    1. baliinteriors July 31, 2021

      I wish I knew as well! Unfortunately I don’t know where they are from.


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