The Ridge Bali: Where Modern Luxury Meets Ubud Bliss

Considering a boutique hotel that’s also a luxury villa in Ubud? The Ridge Bali should be at the top of your list! With its stunning location, child-free policy, modern design infused with Balinese touches, and unparalleled service, it’s a strong contender for the title of best boutique hotel in Bali. And trust me, I’ve been to many!




Ubud’s emerald heart cradles a secret I simply can’t forget – The Ridge Bali. Opened in January 2024, The Ridge Bali is a philosophy whispered in stone and glass. Designed by Bali Dignity team, there are five exclusive villas dotted the 1600 sq.m. landscape, each of them built in modern luxury, woven with the timeless magic of Bali.

My villa was more than a room; it was my safe space. Stepping inside, the world melted away. Clean lines and expansive glass walls blurred the boundary between me and the breathtaking panorama. Every morning, I woke up to the Ayung River, a liquid ribbon winding through the valley. Sunsets at the restaurant were a nightly ritual – the sky exploding in a kaleidoscope of colours, painting the Sayan Ridge in a mesmerising display. All those sights took my breath away. This was the much needed refuge I needed after a busy year.

The modern aesthetic was flawlessly complemented by the subtle whispers of wabi-sabi. Exposed stone walls formed a rugged contrast to the smooth polished concrete floors, creating an ambience that was both elegant and grounding. Handwoven textiles, imbued with stories, adorned the plush sofas, and artwork by Wayan Donal graced the walls, adding a touch of warmth and whispering tales of Indonesia’s rich heritage.

Privacy was paramount at The Ridge Bali. My villa was my own haven, meticulously designed to ensure an utterly personalised experience. Whether it was indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment within the villa’s quiet atmosphere or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner on the private terrace, every detail was crafted to create a sense of exclusivity and tranquillity.

But the magic spilled far beyond the villa walls. The sprawling 1600 sqm. landscape became an extension of my living space. Refreshing dips in the infinity pool felt like cascading into the valley below, the cool water washing away every worry. Languid afternoons were spent sprawled on sun decks, the gentle sound of the Ayung River a constant lullaby. Lush gardens teeming with indigenous flora and fauna wove a tapestry of nature.

The staff at The Ridge Bali took impeccable service to a whole new level. They weren’t just staff; they were anticipatory angels! Every need, every desire, was met before I even knew I had it, ensuring my stay was effortless. Personalised itineraries were crafted to suit my interests, while attentive butlers catered to my every whim. Their dedication wasn’t just service; it transformed my Balinese escape into something truly unforgettable.




The Ridge Bali wasn’t just another villa for me; it was a feeling. A place where modern luxury meets the ancient wisdom of Bali. Every detail was crafted to create a bespoke experience. I can’t wait to return! 

Check out here if you want to book The Ridge! 


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