Whether you are into Yoga or not, you need to visit The Practice. If you are into Yoga, well you may never want to go to any other yoga school again.

Upon entering the studio you are greeted by a very friendly receptionist and encounter a set of living room spaces that are more like a 5-star resort than a yoga school. You are welcome to have some water in this space while you wait for your yoga class or if you want to continue that post-yoga bliss, you can sit down on one of the many bean bags that overlook the rice paddies and have a cup of tea.



I have been to many yoga schools in Bali, Australia, Argentina, India, Thailand but I have never been to one like The Practice. Usually, the yoga studios are small, cramped four-walled rooms that soon get hot and sweaty. 


The practice’s two yoga rooms couldn’t be more different.
The ceilings and rooftop of The Practice are inspired by the traditional hats that the rice farmers wear, and a quick glance upward confirms this.


The upstairs room is huge, all open and the front curves reveal an amazing view of the rice paddies. I thought, how is this going to work in the Balinese heat? Is it going to be too hot? Yet, amazingly, it works – a divine breeze flows in from the rice fields and the heat simply vanishes.


There is an attention to detail in everything and everywhere you look. 


The staircase is made of bamboo and plays with light and shadow creating a sense of excitement and mystery as it curves upwards.



Even the shelves storing the mats, bolsters and bricks are simple but elegant. The mats, usually dingy, tattered and old in most yoga studios, are surprisingly earthy and beautiful.

The owners of The Practice really thought of everything. And on top of all that beauty, the yoga is incredible.




Jalan Batu Bolong #94A, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Ph: +6281236702160




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  1. Carl Massy July 13, 2016

    Thanks for capturing the beauty of The Practice in these pictures. It makes us even more proud of what we have created. And thanks for the lovely words in the article too.

    1. Bali Interiors July 13, 2016

      Thank you Carl and all the other Practice people for letting me photograph such an amazing place!

  2. Marijntje Lazet July 13, 2016

    Couldn’t agree more… I am a bit spoiled by the many gorgeous yogastudios in my hometown, Amsterdam, but…have to say that I’m completely hooked too! Also, the various yogaclasses in offer are sincere and of high quality. Much love to the Practice and staff!


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