Jungle trader is only a few months old but it’s already making its mark on the Canggu interiors world.


Bali Interiors- Jungle Trader


A double front, single storey building allows this shop to fully express itself and have an identity of its own without having to compromise space in any way.


Bali Interiors- The Jungle Trader Canggu


As the name suggests, Jungle Trader is very Jungle-y but the concept of the store is engaging – taking you in on a trip around the world.


Their interiors transport you through the Sumatran Jungle, into the depths of the African Savannah and finish on an Indian ocean sailboat voyage.






The store is divided into three different sections. The left-hand side is where the beautiful Indigo fabrics are, and the nautical theme flourishes. where you can find stunning brass crabs and mermaids. The middle section is where the central round table is displaying the smaller objects, such as clay and wooden plates, shells, feathers, necklaces and so much more. Then there is the third area where a beautiful big recycled wood table sits on a stunning seagrass rug. The table is beautifully styled with large rattan bowls and basses, divine cushions, wooden statues, wooden cowbells and lots of greenery. Behind this large table, there is a glass cabinet filled with one of my favorite things, Ceramics.  What I love about these ceramics is that they are a particular shade of green that goes beautifully with the rainforest theme of the store.


Bali Interiors- The Jungle Trader




Bali Interiors- The Jungle trader




Saying that there are three sections is actually simplifying the whole concept. Because the reality is, is that there are so many sections and nooks that make this store interesting and incredibly addictive. Ok, first of all, the clothes. I love them!! The beautiful linen shirts and shorts are super chic and perfect for Bali weather.
The t-shirts are excellent quality and have a great cut. And there are also dresses, scarfs and many more goodies. There is also a leather section with suitcases and weekend bags. It’s worth mentioning that they stock the bags of the year, the small rattan mini bags that every person seems to need. They also have really cute Tigger soft toys that I kinda (actually I really do) want for myself. And if that wasn’t enough they also stock sunglasses and jewelry.




The selection of pillows and throws are beautiful and unique. The artwork on the many walls is distinctive and I haven’t seen it anywhere else before. And once again, the themes in the art vary, from African to marine, jungle and even Japanese.


Bali Interiors- The Jungle trader




Bali Interiors- The Jungle Trader



After a while, in Bali, you feel like you have seen it all, but The Jungle Trader has made a point in having a different aesthetic, stocking on trend but unique products while staying true to their core.


Bali Interiors- The Jungle trader



Photos by Bali InteriorsStyling by Tami Christiansen 



  1. Rebecca Odgers December 15, 2017

    Can’t get enough of the Jungle Trader . I want to order some leopard print stockings , the painting with the gold Fish , please send me a catalogue . Thanks so much , Rebecca Odgers / diamonds @noon x

    1. baliinteriors December 17, 2017

      Hi Rebecca, would be best to order with them directly. Maybe send them an email and they can send you a catalogue. This is their website with their info :

      Good Luck!


  2. Lisa O'Sullivan March 27, 2018

    Hi Bali nteriors. I’m looking for an extra large brass crab. Do you stock these? Many thanks, Lisa

    1. baliinteriors March 27, 2018

      Hi Lisa, I don’t stock this, but Then Jungle Trader does. You can contact them directly through their facebook page or through Instagram @thejungletrader


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