I had heard about The Elephant in Ubud, and sadly, I had never had the pleasure.  So when a friend suggested going there for lunch, I jumped at the opportunity.



The Elephant is a restaurant and also a guesthouse. While I didn’t get to see the guest house, I was able to experience the dining area.





Space is very Ubud. The next question I guess is, what makes it so Ubud? Well, first of all, the amazing huge open window that overlooks the beautiful green jungle. That green is also brought inside the restaurant, with plants placed at the entry of the restaurant. The food is vegetarian and super delicious. The gnocchi is especially recommended. Trust me!



There are different seating spaces. You can sit on a comfy sofa near the window or a table overlooking that verdant jungle. There are also bamboo and rattan hanging chairs so if you’re after a bit more privacy, you can have your own booth.


The bar is themed black and green. The black shiny tiles with green metal stools and black pendant lights work in harmony with the background picture of their eponymous green elephant. The décor is made out of old pictures, knick-knacks and shrines, all of which give The Elephant great character. The combination of the color scheme and the vintage look gives this restaurant a Cuban-like feel to it.



Overall, it can be said that The Elephant is part of the Ubud identity and a place to experience at least once while visiting this enchanting place.







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