Bali has so many people coming and going that it can feel like a transit lounge.  It’s not easy to find a house where the people living in it have made such a real effort to make it a home.

Luckily for us, we found such a place.



Kelly and Brad, originally from Sydney decided to leave the city for a quieter pace and moved to Bali about a year and a half ago with their two toddlers.



Brad and Kelly run East Editions and Little Editions. Brad is also a well-known artist whose work requires him to travel overseas quite a lot. When in Bali, both work mostly from home, so having a space that felt comfortable and inspiring was incredibly important.



 Kelly and Brad have a great eye for design. So instead of buying the run of the mill Balinese furniture, they decided to design and get their furniture custom-made just for them. They even had a gorgeous rattan little kids table and stools made that I wouldn’t mind having myself. After visiting their home I now kind of want to have an excuse to design and get all my furniture made just to my taste!



Kelly and Brad’s Bali favorites


What’s your favorite breakfast spot?

Milk and Madu – no question. We can be found there daily for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We also love Canteen, it’s our local and we love the staff and the food.


What’s your favorite dining spot?

One-Eyed Jack if we are talking Canggu, Saigon Street if it’s Seminyak. So many new places that we still want to try though.


What’s the favorite thing to do with the kids?

Beach or pool – anything to do with water, which is why we love being in Bali so much. Our kids have become such good swimmers. We also love a good craft activity.


What’s your favorite homewares/furniture store?

There is an amazing rattan place in Kerobokan, they make furniture and homewares for big Australian homewares companies and for villas and hotels in Bali. Every time we go there we are inspired and end up designing something for them to make.







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  1. Tania October 25, 2016

    All so gorgoeus.


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