Carved Door: A Bali Villa for your next holiday!

I’ve finally returned to my very first Bali villa after 2 years!

A few years ago, my husband and I renovated our very first villa here in Bali, since it was our first built, it was very meaningful to us. We put a lot of effort, love, and dedication to it. The previous owner never got to finish the build, we took over, finished the build and changed a few things. We called it Casa Luna, named after our first born daughter.


Eventually we had to give it up because the lease was about to expire. And we were planning to build our family home at the time, so it was time to let it go. We stripped it of all our additions, and reused a lot of the materials in our new family home. See our Build Diary for our adventures at this villa! The villa was left quite bare but with the potential to be anything the next owner wanted. 


We hoped that Casa Luna would find another great owner, but that was out of our hands. 


Fast forward two years later, I got an inquiry from someone who wants me to shoot their new Bali villa. When he first sent me the address, I recognized the location straight away. And I wondered, could it be my old villa? And to my surprise, it is!

carved door villa bali

My old house is now a 3 bedroom villa in Bali called Carved Door


When I first got there, I immediately felt nostalgic even though I could barely recognize the space anymore. What a fantastic transformation! The owners did such a great job in revamping the villa! I love the renovation they did! They added an outdoor seating area that wraps around the pool, as well as an arch way that compliments the outdoor space really well.

carved door villa

The first floor is where you can find the 2 bedrooms, an enclosed kitchen and dining area. The interior design has been very nicely done by Bentuk Ruang. It is mostly dominated by black and white, with wooden furniture apparent almost in every corner of the room. The owners opted for a minimalistic design. They use the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. 

3 bedroom villa bali
bali villa with enclosed kitchen

On the second floor is the third bedroom, a living room, as well as a terrace. I absolutely love what they did with the terrace! They styled it with beautiful rattan furniture so people can sit and relax while enjoying the view of the rice field. They also incorporate some unique Italian pieces of furniture as a focal point of the living room interior.


This 3 bedroom villa in Bali is characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with colour used as an accent.

carved door villa bali living room
archway carved door villa
carved door villa bali terrace
carved door villa bali living room interior

Another thing I love about Carved Door is that the interior style is very different from most Bali villa rentals I’ve been to. This one leans more towards contemporary style, and all of the bedrooms are very spacious. They also come with their own wardrobes and a little nook in the corner where you can study or get some work done.


Carved Door is managed by Open Door. They manage two Bali villa rentals. The other one is called Blue Door villa, which we shot recently too!

carved door villa bali study room
contemporary colonial style villa
carved door villa bathroom
bali villa swimming pool

If you’re planning a holiday soon and are looking for a 3 bedroom villa in Bali, I’d recommend checking out Carved Door villa! Strategically located in Padang Linjong, the location allows you to easily explore the best places for culinary adventures and shopping in Bali!


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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Blue Door Villa by Open Door

Interior Design by Bentuk Ruang

Words by Bali Interiors

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