Sundays beach club has something that no other beach club has in Bali – one of the most beautiful natural landscapes you can find on the island.

Nested down from a high rocky cliff and next to the ocean, Sundays appear like an oasis while you make your way down on an electric cart. That view takes your breath away and seriously never gets old. Just like the movie The Beach, where they found their piece of pristine paradise, Sundays feels the same way. Just being there makes you feel so lucky to get to experience such beauty and this undisturbed little gem.

The large structure of the beach club is made out of natural materials, involving lots of bamboo and alang-alang for the roof. The furniture at the restaurant is mostly rattan, which matches the philosophy of keeping in line with the natural beauty of its surroundings. One of the back walls of the restaurant has the natural rock exposed making it such a textural background and creating the sensation of dining inside a cave.

Bali Interiors Sunday's beach club

While at Sundays you can access kayaks and lots of other water sport equipment to make the most out of your day.

Sunday's beach club by Bali Interiors
Sunday's beach club- Bali Interiors
Sunday's beach club by Bali Interiors

The beach on Sundays is seriously divine. The water is clear, and the sand is white. The large rock hills right next to the water make this beach one of the most beautiful in the whole of Bali.

Bali Interiors Sundays beach club
kitchen at sundays' beach club by Bali Interiors
Sunday's beach club by Bali Interiors
Sunday's beach club by bali interiors

Going to Sundays is a whole day experience. You want to arrive early to get a great spot and spend the whole day eating yummy food, swimming in the ocean and having a great time all around. At night-time, they light up a bonfire to finish your day feeling warm and fuzzy, and grateful for such an unforgettable day.

sunday's beach club by Bali Interiors
Sunday's beach club by Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors by sunday beach club

Photography and words by Sheila Man


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