Soulshine Bali, an Ubud Resort & Retreat

The first Ubud resort & retreat that’s rooted in barefoot luxury!


If you have been following us for a while, you’re probably already familiar with Soulshine. We wrote an article about it a while ago, which you can check out here. Soulshine has undergone a lot of changes since the pandemic hit and that journey has not always been easy.


Michael and Sara Franti were left with some challenging decisions to make and despite the hard times, they ensured every single member of staff would keep their jobs. They could have waited for borders to open and flights to start coming back. However, they took a huge risk and decided to make the commitment to relocate their family base to Bali and build all of the additions to Soulshine that they couldn’t previously build, while running at full capacity.


Having been ranked as one of the best Ubud resort & retreat, their retreat packages are always selling out like hotcakes! So they have decided to open 13 new Panorama Suites for guests to stay in. The suites are named after the breathtaking panoramic views of the lush jungle trees that surround the property.

A Soulrocker Retreat is the perfect retreat in Ubud for music lovers like you!


Every room, suite, and penthouse at Soulshine Bali has thoughtful details from handcrafted furniture to luxurious linens, a stone-carved DJ booth, a wide selection of vinyls, and an acoustic guitar that you can play throughout your stay! My Shrine has done an incredible job designing and decorating each room. 


All the Panorama rooms and suites also feature large terrazzo tubs, private balconies, maxi bar, living area, and an 180-degree view of the coconut trees and rice fields. With tropical interiors that are meant to blend in with the surroundings, this retreat in Ubud is the perfect place for you to reset, relax, celebrate life and connect with others. No wonder Soulshine is considered one of the best hotels in Bali!


The Soulrocker retreat is a brand new music experience that has been curated for music lovers who are looking for a one of a kind adventure! Hanging with Michael and Sara Franti, learning new skills and tools to better yourself, experiencing an inspiring culture, as well as creating meaningful connections are all part of the fun of the retreat. 


Aside from the new Panorama Suites, Soulshine has recently added a spa and a lounge area as well! The spa has a beautiful pastel pink interior with a big arch window showcasing the picturesque view of the jungle. Imagine having a pampering day while enjoying the view of the lush jungle trees of Ubud, and then heading to the Togetherness Lounge to enjoy some delicious food and beverages as well as a live music performance!⁠

If you only have a night or two to spare but you would still like to experience one of the best hotels in Bali, you can always book a room at Soulshine without having to book the retreat package. Soulshine is dedicated to gathering people to share the joy of wellness, music, incredible food and most importantly good vibes. Whether your purpose of travelling to Bali is to find something new or let something go, to create, to transform, to soak in the sun in the day and rock out at night, it can all be found at Soulshine.

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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Interior Design by My Shrine

Words by Bali Interiors

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