When I imagine a man cave, Shearlock is probably the closest thing that comes to mind. It’s in a bit of a hidden spot, with a dark and somber interior, and mysterious doors that lead towards the unknown.




Upon entering I feel like a bit awkward for a moment (a lone female in this manly space). But after entering the café, I am greeted by a very friendly barista and all my preconceived notions come crumbling down.





Sherlock is a café, a retail shop, a barber and at night, a bar opens upstairs. It’s not a huge space so I’m impressed that they were able to make it all work. The barbershop is at the front and it looks like a barber from Westworld, the only thing missing is a place to tie your horse to at the front of the shop. I can seriously imagine a cowboy pushing through those wooden saloon doors!




The café is more modern but keeps the very masculine aesthetic, lots of concrete, wood and black metal stools. Although the décor is minimal and austere, it doesn’t feel cold. The retail space on the left-hand side gives an urban and modern touch as it displays cool denim and leather backpacks and man bags as well as t-shirts and other trinkets.



Upstairs is the bar. There’s a long and narrow space with a leather-like sofa bench that sits along the right-hand side, making good use of the space. At the end of the area is the bar itself. The Shearlock bar continues the somber aesthetic but I can imagine it comes alive at night with the chatter and laughter of not just men, but their female companions as well.



Jon Petitenget No.17. Kerobokan




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