I arrived at Sea Circus very early so I could take photos without too many people in the restaurant. However, the place was already pumping. I later found out that breakfast is a pretty big deal here!

Sea Circus came to be when Josh Herdman and Charlie Hunton quit their advertising jobs and booked a one way ticket to Bali. They decided to start a restaurant and brought with them the famous English fish and chips, and amazing coffee, that a Melbournean can’t live without. SC evolved naturally, and it’s fair to say that it now transforms from day to night. After serving breakfast and lunch, it becomes a casual dining and drinking evening spot.


Sea Circus is a creative organism. They constantly collaborate with artists, graphic designers, ceramicists and fashion designers. At the moment of the photographs being taken, there is an exhibition by artist Gutterdust. A neon sign takes centre stage, reading “Paradise isn’t a place. It’s a feeling”.

SC mixes its elements brilliantly. The interiors of Sea Circus somewhat resemble a circus. It’s colourful, and features a variety of artist’s exhibits. It also has a rhythm and pattern(s). Yet, it’s busy like a Circus should be, and caters for day and night. Then there is the Sea. The interior of the restaurant has a coastal vibe. All the turquoise and yellow and the wood in the bar whisper seaside. The big tap and sink in the middle of the bathroom with its exposed pipes also reminds you of a fishing boat.


But its in the bathroom, which is really cool by the way, where both worlds combine. It features a big round mirror that mixes both worlds – Sea and Circus. Sea through the round window that would be seen in the cabin of a cruise ship and Circus by the similarities with a theatre dressing room.

There are beautiful murals for Circus animals, including a big Elephant and a Lion. The hanging lightbulbs on the high table and chairs area make you feel festive and also nostalgic. Outside, the predominantly turquoise mural with the pink bench will bring you memories of summer fairs when the circus used to come to town.



Jl. Kay Aya no. 22, Seminyak

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Open from 8am



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