SAI DAENG RESORT- Koh Tao’s best kept secret

Living on a tropical island can be magnificent. However, cabin fever can creep in, so school holidays are a good time to get off the Island of the Gods and go somewhere a little different. A nice clean and efficient city can be just the thing, which is why we often go to Singapore. It’s only a couple of hours away and a chance to savour of the things we don’t have in Bali. However, we’d needed to go there twice this year already, so we looked around for somewhere else to explore.

It needed to be close and affordable as we putting all our money into building a family villa (yay!) this year. We looked at lots of options, but one destination kept calling to us – Thailand.

It has been over 10 years since we had been – those carefree pre-kids days – and we were keen to return. Way way back we had spent 6 months galivanting around SE Asia using Thailand as our base as part of our honeymoon, and we simply loved the place. So with kids in tow, we booked some tickets and off we flew. After a week of exploring Bangkok (so good! Singapore-esque and modern, but has still retained its authentic charms a.k.a. we love the street food), we headed down for 2 weeks on a couple of islands. Island life must be in my blood as I’m always drawn to clear water, white sand and palm trees.

Bali Interiors- Sae Dang, Koh Tao

We started on the quiet and gorgeous island of Koh Tao. We stayed at Sai Daeng, an amazing resort in a remote spot. Tucked away, but only 10 mins from all the action, it’s perfectly located. Sai Daeng is built into the side of a hill and has incredible views of the

perfect water.

The resort features 2 beaches. The bigger one has its own semi-private beach. It’s one of the best beaches on Koh Tao with great snorkelling. But there’s another even better beach that can only be accessed through the resort. It’s snorkeling heaven – warm transparent water that is teaming with colourful curious fish. In fact, many of the snorkelling tour boats park close to that bay.


These two amazing views give this resort such a unique aesthetic. The fact that it’s built on a hill means that, no matter where you are, you have a clear view of the ocean or the bay at all times. It’s a prime location! The privacy and seclusion make you not want to leave the resort at all and enjoy the beautiful nature you are enveloped in.

Bali Interiors- Sae Daeng Resort- Koh Tao
Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors- Koh Tao

Our room was modern and minimalist. The bed was super comfy and looked out over the spectacular natural environment.

The villa features a cute little balcony – perfect for having a drink and watching the boats sail by or people snorkelling below.

Bali Interiors- Koh Tao
Bali Interiors

The bathroom is simply massive. Polished concrete combined with bamboo.

Bali Interiors Sae Daeng
Bali Interiors - Koh Tao

There is a great pool that overlooks those magical views of the beach


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  1. Sue Coe March 1, 2022

    Simple & stunning

    1. baliinteriors March 2, 2022

      Thank you Sue! It was a pleasure to stay there.


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