Quadra X 2M Design Lab – A collaboration At Its Finest

Quadra has been a pioneer in the sintered stone slab industry in Indonesia since 2017, making it the first and only brand in the country to produce slabs with the largest dimensions of 320x160cm, utilizing Italian Continua Plus technology from Sacmi. To enhance their already impressive catalog, Quadra just launched their Dewata Series in collaboration with 2MDesign Lab, a prominent Bali-based architecture firm, at Finns Beach Club, Bali. This product had clearly been highly anticipated in the design community, judging by the number of guests in attendance.

Bali was chosen specifically as the location of the launch. The Dewata series is a journey through the diverse landscapes of Bali, drawing inspiration directly from five distinct areas on the island. It’s impressive how Quadra manages to capture Ubud’s lush rice fields, Uluwatu’s coastline and cliffs, the beauty of Kintamani, and the rugged terrains of Nusa Penida and Menjangan Island. Each tile within the Dewata series tells a unique story, skillfully weaving together the diversity of Bali’s natural elements.

Let’s take a closer look into the collections. The ‘Menjangan Island’ is a striking piece inspired by the vibrant coral reef of Menjangan Island. With a subtle texture that adds depth, this collection serves as a versatile focal point in various interior spaces, such as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom accent, or living room statement piece. The ‘Nusa Penida,’ inspired by the island’s stunning beauty and its traditional link between the beach and the blue ocean, features a captivating blue, white, and golden design. This versatile collection, suitable for both interior and exterior applications, brings the tranquil beauty of Nusa Penida into any space.

The ‘Uluwatu’ collection encapsulates this essence through unique patterns and textures, reflecting the natural beauty of the region’s coastline and majestic cliffs. Meanwhile, the ‘Ubud’ collection captures the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Ubud, creating a visually appealing natural look with earth tones inspired by Ubud’s rich soil and golden light. The versatile Ubud slab, suitable for residential or commercial use, adds a touch of natural elegance whether as a feature wall or a decorative element in a garden.



The ‘Kintamani’ focuses on the unique qualities of the volcanic mountain range. The slab features a flowing form mirroring the curves of hills and mountains, with a naturalistic color palette reflecting volcanic soil hues. Subtle textures on the surface capture the rough, natural quality of the landscapes, making it perfect for use in any space.

The Dewata series comes with the option of a glossy or matte finish, perfect for a Bali villa surface. The glossy finish shows a touch of sophistication and modernity, while it’s the matte finish that authentically transports you back to nature. Walking on these slabs is a barefoot-friendly experience, evoking the soothing sensation of strolling along the serene beaches of Bali.



The matte finish isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s a purposeful choice aimed at connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Quadra Surface has ingeniously integrated anti-slip technology into the matte finish, ensuring that the transition from cozy interiors to refreshing outdoors is not only stylish but also safe. This thoughtful design renders the slabs an ideal choice for a build in Bali, where the natural world harmoniously meets luxury. 

The launch event at Finn’s Beach Club was a celebration of Quadra Surface’s steadfast dedication to creating surfaces that transcend the ordinary. The event served as a captivating showcase of the Dewata series’ versatility, vividly illustrating how these slabs can transform any space into a haven of natural beauty and contemporary design. Quadra Surface’s Dewata series isn’t just about aesthetics; it embodies the spirit of Bali, drawing inspiration from the island’s rich and diverse landscapes. 

Check out the whole “Dewata Series” collection and locations of showrooms on the Quadra website.

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