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The first time I went for a drink at Pretty Poison I saw genius in the making. What a brilliant idea! Build a skate bowl and sell drinks. Bingo! Sit and let them come like bees to honey.



But Pretty Poison is more than a skate bowl and bar. It’s a way of life. All the cool kids are there. My sixteen-year-old self is patting me in the back and thanking me for taking her to her dream bar. I wish this place existed when I was a teenager. I never would have left! For all the Canggu hipsters this place really is heaven on earth. Cheap drinks, 90’s grunge mixed with a bit of 70’s Californian vibe make Pretty Poison the coolest bar in Canggu.



The design of the outside area of PP is the mostly bare concrete that creates a great contrast with the sky and the rice paddies surrounding it. The seats are all made of old metal barrels that had been converted into either single seats or sofas. Recycled truck wheels made into coffee tables complete the look.


The inside is equally bare and industrial. Concrete floor-to-walls and the exposed black metal beams dress the ceiling. On one side of the large space is the bar. It has a minimal look with the drink menu painted on the wall and six metal lamp shades hanging on top of it. In the middle of the room sits a large purple velvet sofa that overlooks a large wall with a multitude of Playboy magazine covers as wallpaper. A 16-year-old boy’s paradise as well!



Pretty Poison, though it looks grungy and careless, is undoubtedly a smart and well-thought-out business. And more than anything, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!


Pretty Poison




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