PANAMA Kitchen and Pool

There are very few places that intrigue me before I go and see them. Panama Kitchen and Pool is one of those places. Their branding is very good and consistent, so I was expecting great things.





Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s begin with their food. Everything we ate was not only delicious, but actually it surpassed our expectations. The juices were really yummy, the pulled porked burger was a revelation, and the tacos and their unique version of Fish and Chips were both brilliant!





But what we really need to talk about is how beautiful the place is. While we were there, not to take these photos but to simply enjoy ourselves, there was a line the whole time we were there – I’m not kidding! –  of people waiting to take photos in the very photogenic white Santorini-like building. I don’t blame them! The structure is beautiful and oh so Instagramable! The white concrete with the beautiful staircase (a favorite with the bloggers), and the kitchen window are really stunning and very unique in Bali.




The Pool area is really nicely furnished with a 50’s retro look. Red and white strippy deck seats and teal wooden lounge chairs dressed the garden, giving it a Palm Springs look. The pool has a whole shallow area that’s perfect for kids. Even the shower is beautifully thought out with its round shape of hollow white bricks, it gives privacy to the user but maintains the mid century aesthetic.




And then is the main restaurant area, a white wooden beach shack that even has a front porch. The furnishing of this area is mainly rattan and bamboo stools, chairs and sofas with leafy tropical cushions. The beach shack ceiling has gorgeous huge skylights allowing plenty of light. The inside is minimally decorated with a few colorful prints and large pot plants. The big open windows overlook a manicured garden adding color to the space.



And last but not least, is the actual “shop front” of Panama. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit strange, as it’s a bar that kind of looks like an ice-cream shop. Yet, after being inside, the front kind of ties all of the mid century elements together: the colors, the vibe and that Palm Springs look that they achieve so successfully. Panama really is not to be missed, but be warned, there may be a line of people trying to get their Instagram portrait inside!






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