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The Bali restaurant scene has proven to be one of the best in the world. In Canggu itself, there are plenty of amazing restaurants, but Project Black, the creators of iconic places such as The Lawn, Times Beach Warung, Single Fin, takes this as a challenge. These perennially popular venues are must-visits for many Bali visitors and residents. In fact, it’s a rare weekend when I don’t spend a morning at Times because it’s a guaranteed winner for the whole family. Now this team of expert restaurateurs  are adding a new venue, an incredible Italian restaurant in Canggu. 

Let me introduce you to Numero Quattro. When you walk into Numero Quattro, the latest addition to Canggu’s dining scene, you’re immediately struck by the unique blend of urban chic and coastal vibes. It’s not just another Italian restaurant in Canggu, this is something special.  We’ve been fortunate enough to hear directly from one of the founders of Project Black, Tai Buddha. The visionary when it comes to design and brand behind Project Black and this brand new establishment shared his journey and the exciting challenges of transforming a good restaurant that into an amazing one. The space where Numero Quattro is now once housed an eatery known as Electric Eel. While it had a steady stream of patrons, Tai envisioned something more vibrant and dynamic for the location. Thus, Numero Quattro was born.

Tai’s dream of opening an Italian restaurant in Canggu has been years in the making. “We’ve always wanted to do Italian,” he says with a smile. “There just aren’t enough Italian restaurants that are a bit fancy, that offer both great vibes and great food.” The name, Numero Quattro, started as a playful joke but quickly became a fitting moniker for their newest ambitious venture. Tai didn’t want a name that was very obviously Italian, and they considered “Number 4”, but it sounded more like a racehorse. In the end, he said “Numero Quattro” which started as a joke, remained the chosen name.

“The real excitement was in the challenge,” Tai explains. “Turning it around from a good restaurant to an amazing one.” To achieve this, he brought in Joel Bennetts, a young and aspiring chef from Australia, to lead the kitchen. Joel’s fresh perspective and innovative approach to Italian cuisine have been instrumental in setting Numero Quattro apart from the rest.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Numero Quattro is that there are no Italians working there. “It stands out because it’s a different take on Italian cuisine,” Tai notes. This international team brings diverse culinary experiences, infusing the menu with unexpected flavours and techniques. Tai had a clear vision for the restaurant’s design. With the help of  interior designers, he crafted an atmosphere that blends city chic, tropical island vibes, and street edge. “It’s more like California coastal style but with the feel of Bali,” he describes. The design principles—design, function, and flow—are evident in every corner of the space, ensuring that guests feel both relaxed and energised.

Walking through the doors, you are greeted by a stylish interior featuring teak wood and warm tones. They also use such an interesting mix of print arts on the wall. There’s even  a DJ set up on the bottom floor! The open kitchen layout allows diners to watch the culinary magic happen, adding a layer of transparency and excitement to the dining experience. “We wanted to create a space where people can see, smell, and hear the food being prepared,” Tai explains. This approach not only enhances the sensory experience, but also builds a connection between the chefs and the diners. 

Tai’s goal is for Numero Quattro to be a place where people feel at home. “I want it to be very homely and inviting,” he says. This ethos is reflected in everything from the warm, welcoming staff to the carefully curated décor that balances elegance with comfort. Cozy seating areas with plush cushions invite guests to linger, encourage socialising and shared experiences. The ambient lighting creates a soft, inviting glow that enhances the overall atmosphere, making it perfect for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings.


 Numero Quattro prioritises locally sourced and fresh organic ingredients and works with suppliers who share their values. As Tai looks to the future, his excitement is palpable. “We’re just getting started,” he says. “The challenge now is to keep pushing boundaries and making sure every guest leaves with a memorable experience.” He envisions Numero Quattro as more than just a restaurant; it’s a community hub where people can come together to enjoy great food, good company, and a welcoming atmosphere. Tai is also considering hosting special events, to further engage with the community and share his passion for Italian cuisine.

When asked about his favourite dishes on the menu, Tai is quick to respond. “My top three would have to be the prawn pasta, the risotto, and the tiramisu,” he says. 


In the competitive dining landscape of Canggu, Numero Quattro stands out as an example of creativity and excellence. It has quickly become one of the best spots in Canggu.  We dined there during our latest Design and Interiors Retreat, and everyone raved about the blend of exceptional cuisine, stylish ambiance, and heartfelt hospitality. There’s no doubt that Numero Quattro is set to become a beloved fixture in Canggu’s culinary scene for years to come.

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