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For many years, the real estate market in Bali has thrived, with hundreds of agents selling various types of Bali villas and land without much consideration for building quality or the natural environment. I am pleased to see a growing movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly developments. The increasing emphasis on environmentally conscious construction and community-oriented living reflects a shift towards more responsible and regenerative development practices in this vibrant market.

I love to scroll through Instagram to find inspiration for the renovation I am currently doing, and that’s when I stumbled upon one of the listings from Navigate Bali. It is a distinguished boutique real estate in Bali, led by Miki Massey. With a meticulously curated portfolio of 75 listings, encompassing long-term rentals, luxurious villas, land developments, and commercial properties, Navigate is dedicated to offering bespoke real estate solutions tailored to the unique needs of its discerning clientele. Navigate‘s vision is to exclusively represent regenerative, eco-friendly developments, verdant property green belts, and holistic ecosystem living. How cool is that?  


Navigate is currently expanding its portfolio to specialise in properties that harmonise with nature, showcasing a range of homes built using traditional methods and natural materials such as limestone earthen walls, recycled timbers, Alang Alang roofs, bamboo, and natural stones. Let’s take a look at some of the properties they offer!

1. Villa Cara

Villa Cara Living Room
Villa Cara Bedroom

Located in the desirable Tumbak Bayuh area, on the border of popular Pererenan , Villa Cara spans 5.4 Are and showcases a masterful blend of sustainable, eco-friendly principles with modern luxury design. Built in 2023, the home features an open-plan layout with contemporary elegance, offering three spacious bedrooms, each with its own ensuite. The high-end interior design is complemented by breathtaking scenic views, making this residence a true standout. Perfect for those who appreciate both style and sustainability. The meticulous craftsmanship and the time-consuming nature of building a home like this are evident in every detail, justifying its higher price tag compared to the influx of “Mediterranean” villas that may appear more affordable on paper but are often poorly built.

2. Villa Mata

Villa Mata Dining Room
Villa Mata Primary Bedroom

Introducing Villa Mata, nestled in the vibrant locale of Penestanan, Ubud. This eco-conscious sanctuary spans 3 Are, with an additional 2 Are shared amongst the community. Embodying a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and rustic charm, Villa Mata boasts an inviting open layout, adorned with natural materials that  merge with its lush surroundings. Built in 2020, it stands as an example to sustainable living, forming part of an ecological community comprising 11 units. From its sustainable building materials to its inspiring earth-friendly design, Villa Mata represents a haven for those seeking a lifestyle infused with a deep respect for nature and community. Drawing inspiration from the concept of tiny homes but expanded to a larger scale, the proportions are snug yet entirely suitable for a family with young children or single parents.

3. Villa Eco Aran

Villa Eco Aran
Villa Eco Aran Bedroom

Ideally located in the serene locale of Sibang Kaja, lies Villa Eco Aran. This eco-conscious haven spans 4 ara land, accompanied by shared access to parking, pool, and grounds, providing ample space for community living. Built in 2022, its architecture seamlessly blends open and closed spaces, creating a dynamic living environment. The villa features a spacious living area, a quiet outdoor space, and three bedrooms each with its own ensuite, offering both privacy and comfort. Noteworthy for its proximity to the renowned Green School, Villa Eco Aran attracts an international community of residents drawn to its sustainable ethos and unique amenities, including natural swimming pools enriched with ‘Living Water’.

These exceptional homes not only offer luxury and comfort but also minimise environmental impact with their sustainable designs. The eco-villages provide additional savings with shared pools and common areas, fostering a sense of community among residents. For those interested in long-term rental opportunities, these eco-villages offer a unique and sustainable living experience.



In a crowded Bali real estate market, Navigate Bali’s portfolio stands out with its dedication to sustainable development and eco-friendly living. Each property promises not only a beautiful living space but also a commitment to preserving Bali’s natural beauty.


For more information on available properties and rental opportunities, visit Navigate Bali. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates and new listings.

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