Artists, interiors lovers or anyone who loves color will find this place insane! I believe Motel Mexicola is unmissable when coming to Bali.




Motel Mexicola is a Mexican restaurant and bar located in the heart of Seminyak. This place really is one of a kind. Although it has a few years under its belt, MM sets the bar very high. A venue is so incredible that it feels like a dream. It’s no surprise that it keeps amusing and inspiring me each and every time I visit.



motel mexicola, bali interiors


bali interiors- motel mexicola


You have to visit it at least once. The amount of work that has gone into creating Motel Mexicola is just crazy. It’s like a Mexican Sistine chapel! Wherever you look, the amount of thought, detail, artistry and use of color in every corner, wall and ceiling is simply awe-inspiring.


motel mexicola-bali interiors


motel mexicola- bali interiors


the shrine - motel mexicola- bali interiors


mm -bali interiors


The restaurant/bar is very large but the Mexicola experience begins before you reach it. The outside veranda is great for lunch and reminds me of outdoor lunches in Mexico City, watching the world pass by. As soon as you enter, you see The Shrine. I’m not quite sure who this shrine is, but these kinds of shrines are often found in people’s houses where they pray to the virgin or to remember deceased family members. The Motel Mexicola Shrine has become quite iconic and it’s pretty much mandatory to get a photo of it!



motel mexicola bali interiors




motel mexicola bali interiors
mm - bali interiors

motel mexicola-bali interiors



motel mexicola- bali interiors



Motel Mexicola is divided into 3 sections. If you go right, there is a bar and a staircase that takes you to the sitting and bar upstairs. In the middle, there is a huge central open patio, and on the left the main bar and its surrounding booths. Motel Mexicola is massive and the incredible thing is that they fill it night after night. If you want to come to Motel Mexicola to appreciate the work and artistry, come during the day.  At night, it transforms into a huge bar where the appreciation of fantastic interiors will be the last thing on your mind as you dance the night away.





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  1. Diana Lopes December 13, 2017

    Omg, this place looks so colorful! I simply love those stairs and how the decor makes me instantly happier and more joyful. Thanks for posting the pics!

    1. baliinteriors December 13, 2017

      Thank you very much! The place is incredible! Worth visiting if you are ever in Bali!


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