Even though I don’t know what Mister Zimi is, the store welcomes me in. Now that I’m in, I can see that Mister Zimi is a clothing brand based in Bali. Now with stores across Australia, Zimi has created its own identity and a huge international following. While their ranges are on a smaller scale, Mister Zimi is well-loved by women of all ages and sizes.


View of the shop and that amazing round rug



The interior design of the shop represents the brand beautifully. They have a feature wall at the back of the store, where the cash register is, and it’s a print, just like you would see on one of their dresses. And really that’s all you need. The side walls are occupied by the clothing which is all prints, so you don’t need much more than that without overwhelming the space.


They have played with proportions really well. In the middle of one side, there is a huge mirror that leans on the wall. On the other side, also in the middle, there are two sofa chairs that create a tropical vibe, and a single tall gorgeous leafy plant that they have put on a stool to create even more height to it.



The floor is composed of large concrete tiles with an enormous round rug in the middle of the shop



This place is well-thought-out. All these disproportionally big and tall objects give the illusion of a high ceiling and a large space. Combined with the simplicity of the fit-out and open space, they have created a store that makes you feel relaxed, shows the personality of their brand clearly and makes you want to try every single thing on.



Jalan Kayu Aya No.22, Seminyak

Opening Hours:

Mond- Sun: 9 am to 9 pm





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  1. Antoinet December 27, 2019

    Hello !
    I have a question , is this the same mr .Zimi , with shops in Australië?
    And the same collection?
    Because I love ❤️ the collection, and I,m now in Bali .
    And I come from Holland .
    Regards from Antoinet

    1. baliinteriors December 27, 2019

      Hi Antoinet, Yes it was the same Mister Zimi as in Australia. Unfortunately, the shop is now closed 🙁


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