A little piece of heaven between the rice fields has sprung up. With gorgeous rice paddy views, getting your nails done has never been more blissful and good for you.






Maria Cura is a nail salon off Jl Perenenan that specializes in holistic manicures, pedicures and foot massages. The products they use are organic, vegan and scented with the most beautiful essential oils. They are all hand-blended on-site. This place is perfect for pregnant women, nursing women and also kids to get their nails done as it provides a non-toxic nail experience. But even if you’re sans-kids, it’s still worth visiting this fantastic nail spa.



Main room


The salon’s four hammocks on the front porch are perfect for resting and watching the serenity of the rice fields while your nails dry. Maria Curau is simple but striking. As soon as you enter there is a refined waiting area furnished with 2 rattan sofa chairs and a round table with orchids. The white walls are decorated with the most adorable hand-made dolls that are for sale (proceeds go to a great Bali charity).


The piece de resistance is a stunning Scandinavian-looking silencing door made out of diagonal wooden panels. Inside the nail room, the predominant wall is colored by the nail polish bottles. There is a huge window that makes the most of the remarkable view and some very comfy sofa chairs where the magic happens.


Hammocks to relax at the front porch


Maria Curau’s philosophy matches their aesthetic. There are no bells and whistles. It is bare but beautiful. They focus on what they do best and they excel at it. The homemade touches and the view take it to the next level of relaxation to complete this indulgent experience.



Maria Curau

Jl Munduk Kedungu No. 45, Perenenan, Mengzi

Ph: 0813 387 75526

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