MANDALA THE ROCKS – The one that takes the cake

I have been spoiled. And it’s terrible. My husband hates it, as every time we are about to go on holiday and he shows me a hotel or an Airbnb to book, pretty much nothing is good enough. Because once you see, visit and stay in most of the places I shoot, you don’t want to waste your time on something mediocre. You want all the things that I look for when choosing places for Bali Interiors, such as amazing interiors, incredible quality and excellent service.

One of the biggest spoilers that has ruined me forever is The Mandala Group. And Mandala The Rocks takes the cake!

mandala the rocks - Bali Interiors
mandala the rocks Bali Interiors

Mandala The Rocks are simply the next level. The location is phenomenal. It’s a single standing house on a quiet beach in Uluwatu – I know, who knew that was even possible! Most villas are perched high up on the cliffs. Ulu rock is that magical unicorn that you can’t quite believe exists. But I have been in this magical beachside fairy-tale and I now know that unicorns exist!

Bali Interiors- mandala house
Bali Interiors ulu rocks mandala house
mandala the rocks by Bali Interiors

Look, don’t get me wrong. When you want something this good, there has to be a bit of a struggle. Everything comes at a price. And I’m not even talking about the cost of staying there. Getting to MTR is a bit of a trek, a 10-minute walk through a lot of difficult stairs down the cliff until you arrive at the beach. Once you are at the beach, it’s another 200 meters until you get to the house. I’m not going to lie, by the time you get to the house, you are pretty exhausted. You will want to travel light! But once you arrive and see what was waiting for you, there is only one word you will say – wow! The trek will be instantly forgotten, and you are not going to want to leave what is basically your own private beach house in the middle of Uluwatu.

Bali Interiors - mandala the rocks Uluwatu
mandala rocks -Bali Interiors

The house has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. There’s an open bar, living and dining, and multiple terraces that overlook the ocean. The design and color selection are very contemporary and a little out-there, as it has the James Brown touch. But I wouldn’t have expected anything else! I particularly love all the terrazzo around the house, especially the dining table and the bathrooms. I also love the choice of outdoor furniture they used. The sunbeds and tables that accompany them are bold yet delicate. The color combination ties with the rest of the house perfectly and gives this beach house an inimitable style. Another delightful touch is all the art, music and photography books spread across the house. It really makes you feel like this is your own private beach home.

Bali Interiors - ulu rocks
Bali Interiors- mandala rocks

Mandala The Rocks are beyond beautiful. It is that perfect unicorn that no matter how well you describe it to someone else, you simply have to experience it to understand its unforgettable magic.

mandala the ulu rocks


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