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Mandala House is the ultimate rock star house you wish you had. The architecture is quite spectacular, and it’s filled with surprises.

There is so much to this villa and it really would be perfect for a large group gathering and an unforgettable party.

Let’s begin with the 2 swimming pools. The first one downstairs starts with a swim-up bar and continues across the whole of the garden. The other one, upstairs this time, is connected to the master bedroom, so you can soak in the starry night sky with your hot supermodel date. If we’re going to dream, let’s dream big!

Mandala House- Bali Interiors

Mandala house has 5 bedrooms – 1 master upstairs and 4 downstairs. It has a tv/cocktail room as well as a cinema and a gym. With a full-time chef and staff, you will be completely looked after 24/7.

The living area has a built-in sunken living room that overlooks the pool/bar. The dining area is big enough to comfortably sit 5 bedrooms’ worth of guests, with gorgeous views over the rice fields next door

Bali Interiors- mandala house
Mandala house Bali Interiors
Mandala House dining - Bali Interiors

The kitchen is simply epic.  With a large palm tree as a front drop and industrial floating shelves, this is one of those kitchens you won’t forget.

mandala house - Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors mandala house
Bali Interiors mandala house
mandala house- Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors- mandala house
Bali Interiors- mandala house
mandala house- bali interiors



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