Bali is a place where dreams can be realized. Things that take a very long time to carry out in other countries, seem to sprout and grew quickly in Bali. Just as the tropics seem to enable trees and plants to grow at a super-fast speed, so do businesses, dreams and anything you put your mind to. In Bali, it really is possible to create the dream life you have always wanted.

And this brings me to the Morris family house and their dream-like life.


Morris’s home is located in a great nook on Berawa beach, Bali. The unassuming long grassy path leads you to a large gate that opens onto an amazing home.


Vanessa is so down to earth that when I show my surprise and awe she downgrades the whole thing and laughs it off, like a typical Australian.
The Morris family moved to Bali 4 years ago. In the middle of their stint here, they thought they had had enough of island living and decided to head back to Australia. Once there, they realized that Bali’s life is amazing and they had made a terrible mistake by moving back to Oz. So they packed their bags again and headed back to their island home.



Vanessa’s love for decor became evident when I looked through her house, and after chatting to her, it all made sense. Morris is the creator behind homewares brand Los Luna Home. Obviously, her house is beautifully decorated with Los Luna homewares such as wall hangings, pendant lights, baskets, brass vases and gorgeous ethnic cushions.




Her house consists of 4 bedrooms, plus an office attachment to the master bedroom. The huge kitchen-living space completely opens up to the veranda that faces the enormous garden and pool. The living and kitchen are gorgeously curated with Vanessa’s touch. Her made-to-order linen sofas are divine and I want them in my house asap! The second huge living-tv room (yes, 2!) has aircon and perfect for watching tv on a hot night.



The master bedroom and guest bedroom are simple but beautiful. They host oversize teak wood frame mirrors that I’m in total envy of! The mixture of Kilim rugs, wall hangings and oversize textured cushions is an amazing combination in both bedrooms. The kid’s rooms are uncluttered and playful, but keep the same Los Luna aesthetic as the main bedrooms.





The outside veranda is roofed with layered wood and a picture-perfect creeping vine embraces the ceiling creating a green passage alongside the outside of the house. The ginormous garden and pool are made for entertaining and for her three kids to have plenty of space to run around.







Vanessa and her family really are living the dream life! She has an amazing mansion in Bali, a gorgeous husband and 3 kids, and to top it all of, she has a homewares brand to die for! Maybe I need to start dreaming a little bigger, as in Bali, what you wish for may certainly become your reality!



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