Life Update – Mother’s Day and some “me time”

Bali Interiors Life Update Escape Haven

Night at the movies

Date night at the movies and I was super excited to see the latest flick from Alex Garland. It feels like only yesterday (though it was actually 20 years ago! Eeek!) that was I was reading his book, The Beach, while on my own SE Asian beach adventures. Fast forward to his incredible movie Ex Machina, and I was a major fan. His new movie, Civil War, reaches that high bar. Even though action/war movies are not my usual cup of tea, I absolutely loved it! Highly recommended! 

Looked like an empty theatre, which reminded me of going to the movies in Bali during COVID, but eventually a few people filed in 

Maybe it was to match my nostalgia of travelling through Thailand 20 years ago (cue The Beach movie soundtrack), or maybe it’s because he likes his food cheap n cheerful, but hubby’s post-movie dinner and chat option was at his favourite food market location in Kerobokan. A little hole in the wall joint that he goes to far too often. 

Bali Interiors Life Update Movie night
Bali Interiors Life Update warung

Mother’s day with the family 

Parenthood is the hardest gig in life.

From the moment you become a mum or dad your heart breaks wide open.

And suddenly you are no longer the priority. Every single decision in your life is considering other people before yourself.

Your heart expands and explodes in such ways that you are no longer an individual. You become part of a world tapestry of parenthood. Because any kids suffering becomes your suffering and any parents struggle also becomes your struggle.

Motherhood is the biggest lesson in letting go, in setting people free and loving unconditionally and come to understand how infinite love is.

Being a parent is sacrificing everything for your child’s happiness. Is stepping out of your comfort zone. Is growing up and learn new things.

Being a parent is confronting. It demands to look at ourselves and examine us with a magnifying glass. Is learning about ourselves and understanding we are not perfect, but we are trying to do the best we can.

Happy Mother’s Day xx



(My IG post from the big day)

Bali Interiors Life Update Mother's Day

Escape Haven – a retreat from heaven!

I was feeling very run down recently after a busy few months. Renovating 2 houses at the same time is not for the faint of heart! Luckily, I had a gap in my schedule and was able to get away from my understanding family to have some well-deserved “me time”. I was already familiar with the incredible Escape haven as I used to live on the same lane as their new retreat centre. It was time to check it out myself!

My week here was just what I needed. Escape Haven really was heaven on earth! I was completely looked after from the moment I arrived til the moment I left.

The facilities are stunning. My room was a complete dream! And the space is beautiful. The staff is incredible – everyone is so kind and attentive. They are simply amazing! The food was provided through out the week and is very varied and very healthy. The daily juices were delicious and the desserts were to die for.

And don’t get me started on the massages. I love the rejuvenating aspect of a message and I had so many incredible massages at Escape Haven.  I particularly recommend the guasha facial and the bamboo massage. I loved the yoga and meditation classes, as well as the activities provided. This is the best women’s health retreat in Bali by far! I walked out feeling my best self again. I will be back! 10/10!

Bali Interiors Life Update Escape Haven
Bali Interiors Life Update Escape Haven

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