La Pacha Mama, for those who don’t know, means “The Mother Earth”. And it wouldn’t be right to not acknowledge the name and what it means as this Ubud joint is an all-natural plant-based authentic Mexican Restaurant. Their name, ethos, and what is served are in perfect unity.  The harmonious space where it’s all created takes this delicious food to an even higher level.



You enter Pacha Mama via narrow hallways with a vertical garden. Not sure of what to expect at the end of the corridor I gasped at the area that suddenly appeared in front of me.


A huge semi-industrial indoor warehouse-like space with giant metal arch structures and hanging gardens. The real stone flooring in combination with the greenery hanging from above makes you feel like you are in a faraway land, almost discovering an ancient temple that has been hidden in the jungle for thousands of years. The enclosed triple-height ceiling is imposing, but also creates comfort and ease. The setting is a combination of round and large wooden rectangular tables with some cool colorful seats. They’ve taken inspiration from the Acapulco Chair and modified it to suit this place. A selection of yellow, bright pink and turquoise chairs give a modern touch to the interiors marrying what Mexican food is all about these days – the traditional with the contemporary.



Upstairs, there is another enormous level. On one side it overlooks the streets of Ubud and on the other side, it overlooks the terrace underneath. The industrial style and the furnishing continue the style direction from below.



In most restaurants, you never get a chance to see the kitchen or even be invited in to see where the magic happens. Not at La Pacha Mama. They utilize a large glass window on the street side that reveals their spotlessly clean and tidy kitchen. So if you are walking by, you can enjoy a full cooking show.



The bathroom is stunning. A polished concrete wall, with pebbles as flooring, containing two doors that open in opposite ways. As the curved glass faces each other, it looks more like a big old hacienda door than 2 separate doors. But the beautiful charm its in the tree that stands in the middle and grows throughout into the level above.



La Pacha Mama really is a magical place to visit when in Ubud. The delicious food, the service, and the authentic Mexican energy are palpable. The space is beautiful and unique and suits Ubud’s earth-friendly vibe perfectly.





ESCAPE NOMADE – Anneke van Waesberghe

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