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When La Calita opened in Canggu, Batu Bolong was still a sleepy street with only a couple of other venues in it. Fastforward two years and now La Calita has established itself as “the” Mexican restaurant to go to in this busy part of town. Will Lovejoy’s restaurant is a result of nearly 25 years of being a chef, travelling the world and finally settling in Bali with his wife.

The interior of La Calita was inspired by the 50’s and early 1960’s interiors. The initial inspiration came from Jean Prouvé, and is reflected in the slate top tables. The long table is inspired by Pawson while the flowers and wall art were inspired by Will’s mum. All of the furniture was produced in Java. Although you can clearly see Mexican influences, particularly through the trinkets and art (all made by local artist Omee Moon), La Calita doesn’t scream Mexican.





But once you get to the food, Mexico slaps you right in the face! With its Choriso Tostaditas and the signature drink La Calaca Margarita, infused with Jalapenos for 14 days, you will be screaming Arriba Arriba!!! I’m not usually a ceviche fan, but it won me over quick smart. It’s to die for. The fish tacos, the Cerveza Negra Beef Short Ribs, the Ahi Poke and everything else I tried was mouth-watering. The food is seriously incredible. While authentic Mexican food can actually be quite simple and dare I say, that for my palette, it can be a bit bland, there is nothing bland and simple about food in La Calita. Everything is exquisite.

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Jl. Batu Bolong No.68, Beach Road, Canggu, Bali.
Tel: +62 822 4731 2217


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