From the owners of La Favela, La Plancha & La Laguna comes one of their most ambitious projects so far, La Brisa.





A shipwreck-themed beach club that has been styled to perfection. They have taken their time to build this place and it certainly shows. The palm trees that grow through the buildings, and the trees in the garden needed time to take root and grow. If they had been in a hurry, the place would not look nearly half as amazing as it now does.





The amount of detail is beyond insane. Everything has been thought out. I mean everything. The furniture is chosen, the color scheme, the pictures on the walls, the rope that wraps every little piece of cord so that no plastic is seen anywhere. The real shells left around for you to discover with child-like joy. It’s like stepping into Robinson Crusoe’s story where you can chill, swim, eat and play. They are so good at creating something different, but with so much character, that they should be giving lessons in it!






I couldn’t be happier that it is in my little village of Canggu. Since it has opened, it has been difficult to find me anywhere else, especially as it includes a kid’s playground (winning!), a garden section with cool sofas, and places to eat and hang out…. not to mention the swimming pool and the front veranda overlooking the ocean. The club looks as beautiful during the day as it does at night.



























The interiors and exteriors of this place are truly remarkable. Anyone with a love of interiors should check this place out. It’s another must-visit when coming to Bali.


  1. sarah August 27, 2019

    I really like to know where are those bean bags from, does anyone know

    1. baliinteriors September 3, 2019

      I think they are from Soo Santai, but not 100% sure. Even if they’re not, Soo Santai do make lovely bean bags!

  2. Chas February 18, 2021

    Those wide floor boards are amazing… any idea where they were sourced?

    1. baliinteriors February 18, 2021

      Of the top of my head, I don’t know! However, there’s a ton of wood shops (try Kal Timber as a starting point) where you can show a picture of what you want and they can source it for you!

  3. TW April 7, 2021

    If you check on their website it says from old Balinese boats!


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