There are a lot of things I love about Bali, and one of those things that fill my heart with joy is walking into a place where there are no windows and no doors.


La Baracca is a totally open restaurant, and that’s just one of the reasons we love this place.


La Baracca is an Italian restaurant with two locations, one in Seminyak and one in Canggu. Owned and managed by Italians, the pizza is authentic as it comes and the tiramisu is my favorite in Bali!



This Italian restaurant is unpretentious and by night is filled with young people enjoying its easy charm.



Growing up in Argentina, as a teenager my friends and I used to go to our local pizza joint. This place was not pristine, but it had a soul to it and always was full of people eating pizza, drinking beer and sharing lots of laughs. Baracca brings me back to those days when the evenings keep on going and we didn’t have a care in the world. Ahh, to be young and free!



La Baracca has an industrial-shaggy chic look to it. The tables are all unique and are deliberately oddly-matched, there is a tabletop made from a crate, and table legs from the bottom of an old sewing machine. The wood from the tables and the paint on the chairs are distressed and come in different colors, shapes and sizes. But all of this is part of the look which extends to 2 vintage suitcases that hold the napkins and cutlery. The concrete walls feature a variety of objects such as old telephones and trumpets, flower pots made out of old tires and abstract paintings.



The ceiling is made up of corrugated iron in different tones and has a number of hanging pendant lights. The exterior has exposed brick throughout and lots of colorful vintage veneers. No matter where you sit inside the restaurant you have an ample view of the rice paddies across the road. The open kitchen and lack of windows make La Baracca look and feel fresh and cool. The beautiful breeze that flows through the restaurant matches the relaxed vibe and makes for a perfect casual night out.


La Baracca





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