Kokkoloba 2- A new Bali Villa for leasehold

If you’re on the hunt for a long term Bali villa leasehold, this one is for you!


While most people think the best areas to stay in Bali are either in Canggu or Seminyak, we can tell you that they’re definitely missing out on Umalas. 


Umalas is a relaxed neighbourhood nestled by rice fields,ideally sandwiched between the 2 most popular areas in Bali. It offers a relaxing change of pace from bustling Seminyak and Canggu.


Recently, we had the opportunity to shoot a new villa development in this area. After huge success with their first development, Kokkoloba decided to expand and they chose Umalas for their second project.


This Bali villa’s leasehold is set for up to 24 years. The interior design style of this one leans more towards a Mediterranean inspired design, which we absolutely love! We haven’t seen many villas with this kind of interior style in Bali lately.

Kokkkoloba 2 villa in Umalas
Kokkoloba 2 Umalas villa
Kokkoloba bedroom view
Living room of Kokkoloba 2
Kids bedroom at Villa Massilia
Master bedroom at Kokkoloba 2
Kitchen and dining area at Kokkoloba 2
Kitchen Nooks at Kokkoloba Villas
Kitchen view of Villa Kokkoloba 2
Large pool at Kokkoloba 2
bathroom at Kokkoloba 2 Villa
Outdoor sunbeds at Villa Kokkoloba 2

Do you ever find yourself admiring beautiful homes with a clean aesthetic and a tropical, functional charm? Perhaps this Bali property is right for you


Kokkoloba has an open-plan layout, where the living room and kitchen areas are facing directly onto the lawn and the pool. This design layout allows most areas of the house to be filled with natural light, making this house look even more magical during the day. You can always close the door that divides the indoor and outdoor areas in case it gets a little windy or rainy.


This villa comes with 4 en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms. Located only 5 minutes away from three of Bali’s top international schools (Pro Education, Canggu Community School and LFB – French School of Bali),  this Bali property is a perfect family home.


Built in 2022, everything in this villa is brand new. It has an all-white interior, which may seem ambitious, but when done right, a white home interior can be warm, inviting, and attractive. Not to mention that it will be easy to style! You can mix and match any decor items you want as white interiors give you the freedom to play with textures and colours.


Kokkoloba villa stands on 3.6are of land, while the building itself is 196m2 wide. It features a spacious parking area outside that can fit a car and 2 scooters, as well as a long pool in the lawn. When you first walk in, you’ll be greeted by a spacious dining area, kitchen, and living room, all adjoined in one space.


One of the many reasons why you should invest in a villa in Umalas is that it’s known for its community. The area is safe, the people are friendly and approachable. There are also many popular cafes and restaurants nearby for you to explore.


Kokkoloba is an excellent choice for a family looking for a villa in Umalas that is close to all the main attractions this area can offer!

This Bali property is currently for sale and is listed by Propertia Bali.

If you want to enquiry about this villa please email us at hello@bali-interiors.com with the Subject Kokkoloba 2




Shot By Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Words by Bali Interiors

Listed by Propertia Bali

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