When I was 18 I went to Byron Bay for the first time. On the outskirts of Byron, there is a town called Mullumbimby. We stayed in a place called the Rainbow Serpent. After growing up in conservative Argentina in the 1980s, it was the most “out there” place I had ever experienced. It took hippie to new levels. I distinctly remember the outdoor shower was in the middle of a complex of huts, so everyone coming or going would see the person showering. People were taking showers – naked of course – as if it was the most natural thing. I remained dirty during my stay.








Well, the Jungle room reminded me of a lot of that place in Byron. It is like no other place in Bali. The big difference is that you get your own private bathroom!


While it has a hippie vibe, Jungle Room is more like entering a fairytale. Each hut is made out of wood and is distinct both in its exterior appearance and its interior design. There are gorgeous vintage hand-painted features. Each interior has been furnished individually, creating a unique atmosphere in each bungalow.



The large Sumatran wooden house feels like a treehouse as you go up a ladder to enter it. Inside this Hansel & Gretel lookalike house, different activities can be performed – from an art exhibition to a movie night or a yoga class.


There are a central round swimming pool and a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. If you are lucky, you can also stay in the Princess Villa, which has 3 bedrooms and your own massive private swimming pool and garden.




The individual wooden houses have been brought from either Sumatra or Java. The interiors have an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and adornments that give character and a distinctive look.


Jungle room is for people that like to stay somewhere different, have a free spirit and want to have a unique experience and a very relaxed stay.



Email: info@jungleroomsbali.com

Phone: +6281239696629





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