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When I was 18 I went to Byron Bay for the first time. On the outskirts of Byron there is a town called Mullumbimby. We stayed in a place called the Rainbow Serpent. After growing up in conservative Argentina in the 1980s, it was the most “out there” place I had ever experienced. It took hippie to new levels. I distinctly remember the outdoor shower was in the middle of a complex of huts, so everyone coming or going would see the person showering. People were taking showers – naked of course – as if it was the most natural thing. I remained dirty during my stay.



Well, Jungle room reminded me a lot of that place in Byron. It is like no other place in Bali. The big difference is that you get your own private bathroom!

While it has a hippie vibe, Jungle Room is more like entering a fairytale. Each hut is made out of wood and is distinct both in its exterior appearance and its interior design. There are gorgeous vintage hand-painted features. Each interior has been furnished individually, creating a unique atmosphere in each bungalow.

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The large Sumatran wooden house feels like a tree house as you go up a ladder to enter it. Inside this Hansel & Gretel lookalike house, different activities can be performed – from an art exhibition, to a movie night or a yoga class.

There is a central round swimming pool and a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. If you are lucky, you can also stay in the Princess Villa, which has 3 bedrooms and your own massive private swimming pool and garden.

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The individual wooden houses have been brought from either Sumatra or Java. The interiors have an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and adornments that give character and a distinctive look.

Jungle room is for people that like to stay somewhere different, that have a free spirit and want to have a unique experience and a very relaxed stay.






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