Over a year ago, when I moved to Bali, I began frequenting The Samadi Sunday markets in Canggu. There was a stall that I could never go past without stopping. They sold the most beautiful all natural body-care products. The creator was always there, asking me to try their new products, and many times giving them to me for free to try at home and give her feedback. Well, I’m so happy to know that she has opened her flagship store in no other than Batu Bolong, Canggu. And I am so exited to be chosen to showcase it in Bali Interiors before anyone else!






Lets just start by saying, what a start for a first store! The space is flawless. A black and white theme runs through the store. The white and black diamond shaped tiles on the floors in combination with the black and white walls creates a striking and clean, and almost clinical aesthetic, that goes incredibly well with their whole concept. What I thought were all subway white tiles on the walls, are in actual fact white brick with individual hand painted black lines in between the bricks, creating an amazing result!


There is one detail that I absolutely loved about this store which is the ceramic white sink in the middle of the back wall. Perfect for trying all the products and then being able to wash your hands. In the middle of the shop there is a white table where you can find all of the hand bar soaps, which you are going to go crazy for like me and will want to buy one of each!



One word – merchandise. A-mazing! Not only is the way it has been displayed absolutely insane, the actual products labels, bottles, containers, etc. are all delightful! The minimalist and orderly approach to merchandise works extremely well, adding a visual appeal to the store that makes you want to buy at least one of each of the products.

So what can you find at ISHA Naturals? First of all, all natural ingredients, no chemicals whatsoever! They offer beautiful hand soaps-by the way- seriously amazing! Liquid soaps, facial masks, hair masks, skin oils, diffusers, body butters, body scrubs, aromatherapy, all natural candles, even washing clothing soap!

 ISHA is the store that was missing in Canggu. Now, we no longer need to go overseas to find beautiful body care products. Please do yourself a favour and go and check out this store, like me you will be back for more and more.


Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, No. 37

Canggu, Bali





Salons & Spas



Salons & Spas


  1. Vany Vanessa April 26, 2017

    Thank you for featuring our works! We are glad you love the place. 🙂

    1. baliinteriors May 11, 2017

      Your most welcome! you’ve done a brilliant job with the interior design!


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