Since I was a kid, I’ve been curious about other people’s lives. I would look through my car window or walk down the street and wonder what sort of life did each person has. Where do they live? What does their house look like? What do they do for a living? Do they have a family? Are they loved? Are they happy? I guess that inquisitiveness never left me and somehow it has led me to become who I am and what I do today.




One of the things I love most is photographing homes. And artists’ homes would probably have to be my favorite. The home reveals the soul of its creator, the person that envisioned it and lives in it every day. My second favorite thing is meeting these homeowners, talking to them and over a few hours gaining an insight into their lives, their dreams, motivations and getting to know what inspires them and what makes them tick.


I was meant to come and photograph Irene Hoff and her art, but the moment she opened the gate I knew I had to come back and shoot not just her, but also her incredible house.




Irene was born in the Netherlands and has been living and traveling in Asia for the past few years. Hoff is an established mixed media artist that has exhibited in Vietnam, Holland and Indonesia. All her paintings are hand-painted, using a mix of acrylics, oil paints and paper prints. She mostly loves to work with stencils, spray paint, pencils & texture.






Her art is unique and very defined in style. If you see one of her paintings, it’s easily recognizable due to the materials, colors and mixed media applied to it. Her art is not for the faint-hearted, it is very graphic and filled with color, and also usually holds a message behind them. Irene is so easy to talk to and open without judgment that it comes as no surprise when she tells me she is also a healer. She has such a comforting and friendly nature that you instantly feel very at home talking to her






The house (which she designed) is breath-taking and has all the elements I wish my house had. The large open living-dining-kitchen is the perfect size to have plenty of space to move around and still be able to watch the kids. The living opens onto an outdoor living area that is total heaven and overlooks the huge pool. Next to the pool is Irene’s studio where all the magic happens. It is a beautiful, clean, and tidy study and arts area filled with light from the outdoors.



At the back of the house, there is a garden that is big enough for kids to run around. The second floor features the 3 bedrooms, plus there is a creative space in the middle where kids can do their homework, but I have to feel that a lot of art is also created here.






And to my surprise, this is not the end of it! Irene has a little plot of land next to her house where she tends to her organic garden and keeps some ducks. Total dream house!



Gaining an insight into Irene’s life was such a pleasure. Interestingly, Irene’s art is very playful, both through the color palette, the media she chooses, and her mix of themes including the Heroic exhibit referencing Playmobil or endangered animals.  Her art brings out my inner child and makes me ponder if the curiosity that I had as a child has somehow stayed with me until this day.




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