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How to style a bedside table

I am a big believer in utilizing storage next to your bed. It doesn’t matter whether you are the sort of person who requires an elaborate space or likes to keep it minimal – storage is always welcome!

With these easy adjustments, you’ll learn how to produce inspiring interiors that allow you to realize the full potential of your bedroom.


The rise and fall of styles of décor and furniture is nothing new. What’s en vogue peaks and recedes all over again in line with the market trends. But, rattan furniture has been one major exception to the rule. Despite being in the market for many centuries, it is still in high demand and remains as one of the most sought-after furniture materials.

Bali Interiors- Saffron & Poe
Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors-

Whether it’s just a stem or a whole bunch, fresh flowers provide a nice organic touch to the bedroom, as well as a great injection of colour. For a more permanent addition, opt for a delicate plant such as an orchid or fern, or perhaps a more hardy sculptured succulent like a “string of pearls”.

Hati Hati
Bali Interiors- 31 bits

Your bedside table is another amazing place to showcase your style, arrange things and keep your essentials close-by. Whether it’s your favourite book, framed picture, beauty products or even a piece of art, your bed side table can be both aesthetic yet functional.


As much as they are there to be decorated, bedside tables also provide a functional place to store your belongings. Having some books makes the bedroom feel more inviting and this adds another layer without feeling too contrived.

Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors

Styling your bed side table doesn’t have to be an afterthought in your bedroom; with a little careful planning and a few intimate touches, it is a great instrument for bringing serenity to your sleeping quarters. Which items are must-haves on your nightstand?

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