How to Create a Balinese-Style Alfresco Area

A little holiday daydreaming may be just what you need during your self-isolation! For those who like a DIY project, bring a little Bali into your home.

If you’re like many holidaymakers, Bali is one your favourite destinations to relax. What’s not to love about this Indonesian island? Bali isn’t just a beautiful place, full of lush greenery, colourful blooms, and exotic scenery. Time seems to move slowly as you drift into island life. Who wouldn’t want to bring that feeling back home?

While not everyone can stay in Bali forever (or even visit these days); you can always take it home with you— by creating your own Balinese-style alfresco area. Introducing some of Bali’s outdoor style to your home alfresco or outdoor area will create a space that’s easy to relax in and help you find your happy place!

Here are a few tips to help you transform your backyard into a Balinese oasis.


Tip #1: Fill your outdoor area with tropical greenery

No Balinese-style alfresco area would be complete without tropical plants. Bamboos, palms, and ferns come to mind, although cordylines, ferns, and agaves will also do. You may need to consider your climate and ask your local nursery for some plant ideas that best replicate Balinese style. For a splash of colour, you can try frangipani, hibiscus, and bougainvillea with the greens. To make your garden more interesting, you can group plants of different heights and leaf shapes in your space.


Tip #2: Use a water feature as your focal point

Water is an essential element in any Balinese-style garden. A water feature adds serenity and helps to cool down the temperature of the garden. If the area you’re transforming into your oasis is large, you could even consider a swimming pool! Alternatively, if space (or budget) is an issue, you can install a small waterfall or fountain instead. Even a glass bowl filled with water, with a few floating petals or a water plant can create a new atmosphere.


Tip #3: Stick to natural materials & a burst of colour

The use of natural materials is vital in creating a Balinese-style alfresco area. Using natural materials to build or furnish your Balinese oasis will help you do just that. For building your garden, you can pave the pathways with pebbles, as well as fence it with bamboo, wood or stone. For furnishing it, you can opt for rattan or wood furniture, bamboo screens, and unglazed pottery. Balinese-style bean bags are also quite popular and can create a burst of colour according to your taste.


Tip #4: Decorate with tropical flair

Because you’re creating a tropical oasis theme in your yard, the items you choose to decorate your piece of paradise should be tropical-inspired too. Bamboo screens and rattan or wooden furniture are staples in Bali. Other examples of tropical decor you can consider are coconut lanterns, statues or figurines, throw pillows with floral or batik prints, and incense burners. If your space is big enough, you can also put up a gazebo or pavilion made of wood or bamboo.

Tip #5: Choose an appropriate colour scheme

The colour scheme for your decor can make or break your Balinese garden. Your aim is to create a relaxing atmosphere in your space, so the colours you pick should reflect that. If you’re going to have a lot of colourful foliage in your garden, for instance, you may want to choose a neutral or monochrome palette for your decor. If your foliage is going to be all green, then go ahead and add a splash of colour to your décor. Consider your interior design too and how your outdoor style with relate to your interior design.

While you may be stuck at home now, it won’t always be that way! Creating your very own Balinese-style alfresco area can brighten your day and inspire you to return to the Island of the Gods.

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