House S

If you love clean lines, warm woods and nature, then this modern home listed by Propertia Bali is waiting for you. This villa is a stunning dream home for those who love architecture and contemporary features as their Bali home.

Modern architecture has been growing rapidly in Bali the last few years, but this sophisticated 5 bedroom Bali home in different levels really is extraordinary. The artful setting for contemporary living has sleek lines and surfaces, while the design connects  the views of the beautiful outside rice field landscape. When buying a villa in Bali, you need to see how everything comes together. The functionalities and views are definitely something to think about. And this villa ticks all these boxes.



Incredible location. Check

Amazing architecture. Check

Stunning Interiors. Check

Drop dead gorgeous views. Check

Privacy. Check

Functionality Check

House S
Pool At house S
Living area
Roof Terrace
the middle dining room
bridge from the gardes
simplicity and quality
Garage of House S
window view
kitchen views of the ricefields
kitchen dining area
kitchen view
terrace view
the living room of House S
Master bathroom with its own bathtub
kids bedroom
master bedroom
cinema room
Drone Shot of House S

Walking in from the main door, this home has a lovely flow that links the two connected buildings of the house. The bedrooms section and the living/dining area are connected with an exceptional iconic bridge that can be open or closed depending on the weather.

From the bridge you can also get access to the huge rooftop terrace where you have an ocean view and you can even see all the way to The Bukit.

The 3 bedrooms on the upper floor of this Bali freehold villa have stunning views of the beautiful lower section which is blended in with the green scenery., The lower part of the building is where the living space, pool, garden, and dining area is. The main bedroom has a bigger en-suite bathroom, complete with a bathtub and a shower with elegant dark stone and wood accents.

The remaining rooms are next to each other on the right wing of the house. Both have showers inside, and also almost an identical views and layout.

The heart of the home is definitely the downstair section in the lower part of the building. Here there is a gorgeous central tree growing behind the living room in between the kitchen, living room, pool and outdoor dining area.  The design is absolutely stunning and unique. It’s contemporary but also timeless and cosy. This is the kind of villa that will never go out of style. The whole living room is an open living space from the kitchen all the way to the guest bedroom. All the seating areas overlook the long infinity pool which is right in front of the rice field. This area is very quiet and airy because of the sliding glass doors which can be opened completely so you’re one with your surroundings. However, you can also close it off since each area has air-conditioning so you can have a nice family gathering or a hangout session.

If entertaining is one of your main requirements to buy a villa in Bali, you don’t want to miss this listing.

This home is filled with spaces for entertaining. Upstairs there is a huge terrace with a beautiful landscape design of wild grass giving it a botanic look. This area includes a bar and BBQ area and a lot of sun loungers  added with a small outdoor living room. On the other extreme of the house, the basement, there is  an underground cinema room and guest bedroom. Yes, your own underground cinema room! This room could be used as a recording studio as well as its completely soundproof.  Next to it there is another guest bedroom. This bedroom has a very stunning feature of a glass window, where you get a glimpse of the pool. There is the amazing feeling of being underwater because you are, in fact, underground.

If this villa sounds like the perfect home for you or someone you know, head to Propertia Bali and send them a message.

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Property listed by Propertia Bali

Styled and shot by Bali Interiors founder,  Sheila Man

Cushions and Throws by Bi Home Shop

Flowers by Dada Island



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