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Haveli & Co 

 Don’t you wish there was a store where you could see, try and buy all the beautiful rattan furniture that you salivate over on instagram? Well, Perth you are in luck! Haveli and Co is a new Western Australian retail store that has us wanting to redecorate our house with plenty of new rattan pieces. From headboards and beds to gorgeous cots and beautiful hanging chairs, we want it all!


Simone picked the most gorgeous location to shoot her range and as always we hoped for blue skies. It was raining in the early morning and we were all praying for the sunshine to come out. We had so much furniture to shoot and no place to store it! The living room was filled to the brim with rattan, so we decided to start with the bedroom upstairs.

Thank goodness the rain finally stopped and we could move the furniture out of the way and start shooting downstairs.  We had to move quickly as there were so many divine products to shoot. The day flew by and somehow we got it all done in the nick of time!

Simone and her husband were such a pleasure to work with.  The day was filled with laughter, food and also hard work (not to mention prayers for the rain gods to leave us). We love the results!

We were very lucky to be able to shoot their first collection and be part of their journey.

Bali Interiors Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors- haveli & co
Bali Interiors- Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors Haveli & co
Bali Interiors- Haveli & Co
Bal Interiors- Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors - Haveli & Co Sheila Man
Haveli & Co - Bali Interiors
Balli Interiors- Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors- Haveli & Co
Haveli & Co -Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors
Bali Interiors - Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors- Haveli & Co
Bali Interiors- Haveli & co


Brand: Haveli & Co

Photography : Sheila Man

Stylist: Wendy Grobbelaar

Location: Casa Palma


Special thanks to Interior Tonic for lending us the soft furnishings and Ceramic.

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