Hati Hati home bali interiors
Hati Hati home Bali Interiors
Hati Hati Home- Bali Interiors
Hati Hati Bali Interiors
hati hati Bali Interiors
hati hati Bali Interiors
hati hati Bali Interiors
hati hati Bali Interiors
hati hati Bali Interiors

Hati Hati Home

The project :

A beautiful collaboration between Bali Interiors and Hati Hati. A perfect setting to showcase the natural materials Hati Hati offers and its brand aesthetic. A pleasure to shoot.


The brand :

Häti-Häti’s handcrafted products are ethically-made by incredible artisans in Bali, combining cultural originality with a modern twist. Alongside the integrity of the design, they highly value the artistry behind the products, and love to provide the opportunity to bring socially-conscious products into the homes of so many.

Product Sourcing : Hati Hati Home

Photography : Sheila, Bali Interiors

Location Styling : Tami Christiansen

Product Styling : Photography : Sheila, Bali Interiors


  1. Donna McHone April 27, 2021

    I’m looking to find some of the of the hi benches I bought a while ago I just need a few that can be fixed up is that possible

    1. baliinteriors May 7, 2021

      Hi Donna, You may want to contact Hati Home directly https://www.hatihome.com/

  2. MarineMnt November 12, 2022

    Hello! I’m searching the reference of the tiles on the backsplash in the kitchen. I love it and I really really want the exact same one! Can you give it to me? Thank you so much!

    1. Wayan November 24, 2022

      Hi Marine, I’m not sure of those exact tiles, but I have seen similar tiles at Sadus tiles (which I use in my own home too). See our build diary entry here https://www.bali-interiors.com/build-diary-24-i-found-my-tiles/


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