Gypsy, although recently opened, is already making waves. And I can see why. The space is beautiful. Contemporary design but with a touch of boho to keep the Canggu enthusiasts, happy.







Inside, there are lots of different seating options. From bar stools and window stool seats to high chairs and tables, and a long table against one of the walls. And of course,  small tables for 2. Although it sounds a bit too much, they make it work with ease.









The left wall is decorated with 3 fabric hangings and this wall is partitioned in two by 2 sets of colours. The division is part of the décor. In a little corner there is a beautiful black and white Dream Catcher that adds character to the minimalistic interior design. The lightning is a set of mostly antique-looking white glass spheres and also a few chandeliers.








A little courtyard at the front, complete with fairy lights, wire tables and chairs, wooden floors and cute umbrellas sets the mood for a relaxed eating experience.

But I think the best thing about Gypsy is the staff. With a Canadian as the boss, the friendliness comes naturally and is reflected in the way they make you feel comfortable and happy straight away.




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